A Desi Cow Each as Prize for Haryana Women Boxers

Haryana's state animal husbandry minister said desi cow’s milk not only makes one beautiful but also sharpens the mind.

New Delhi: Haryana has decided to reward its six women boxers, who recently won gold and bronze medals in the World Youth Women Boxing Championship, with an unusual gift – a desi breed of cow for each winner.

During an event on Thursday to felicitate the achievers at the Rajiv Gandhi Sports Stadium in Rohtak, state animal husbandry minister Om Prakash Dhankar,  also president of the Boxing Haryana Association, talked about the “benefits” of cow’s milk for boxers.

“(Unlike buffalo’s milk) cow’s milk contains less fat and is beneficial for boxers… a cow is very active, while a buffalo sleeps most of the time,” Dhankar told the Indian Express.

Dhankar said desi cow’s milk not only makes one beautiful but also sharpens the mind. He added that monetary awards are given to everyone, but the women deserved something unique for making Haryana proud at such a young age.

The World Youth Women Boxing Championship was held in Guwahati between November 19 and 26.

Neetu, Sakshi, Jyoti and Shashi won gold medals each, while Anupama and Neha won bronze medals in various categories.

Shankar told the Indian Express that the cows would be of a local variety, which would give over ten litres of milk per day. The addresses of all six boxers have been noted, and the four-legged prize will be delivered at their doorsteps soon.

Eighteen-year-old Neetu, who lives in Hisar city, says that her family doesn’t know where they will keep the cow. “We used to have a cow about two years ago. We used to keep it at our neighbour’s plot of land, but had to sell it when he told us to vacate the site. We do not have space, or, for that matter, people at home to take care of it,” her mother Pushpa Devi told the Indian Express.

Dhankar had earlier announced that 50-100 acres of land would be earmarked in major towns to set up ‘PG hostels for cattle’.

Dhankar, while addressing the function, said that the BJP government was not leaving any stone unturned to promote sports culture in the state.

He added that the state government will soon inaugurate a film festival where movies on different kinds of sports will be shown so that others could take inspiration from the state’s achievers.

According to a report in the Hindustan Times, the minister said the government was building a wall of honour in thousands of villages in Haryana, where the names of martyrs, freedom fighters, sports persons and other achievers belonging to that village will be highlighted.

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