Court Commissioners on Visit to Illegal Slaughterhouses in Bengaluru Attacked

The team members were allegedly heckled, chased, attacked and the windowpanes of police vehicles smashed by the mob.

Bengaluru: A team of court commissioners, lawyers, police and members of a cows protection NGO, who had gone to check illegal abattoirs at Yelahanka New Town here, was attacked by a mob. The team members were “heckled, chased, attacked and the windowpanes of police vehicles smashed” by the mob yesterday after it detected an illegal abattoir at Dodda Bettahalli, according to Kavitha Jain, a member of the Gau Gyan Foundation that works for the protection of cows and its progeny.

“The abattoir was running inside S.S. Garage. There were 15 cows and its progeny such as bulls, ox and calves in four canters. Apart from that, there was an open space where some animals were tied. When we asked people there to open, they refused. In no time, a mob of around 250 people surrounded us,” Jain said.

“They started attacking us and abusing us… Somehow, we managed to escape in the police vehicles. The vehicles’ windows were also smashed by the mob,” Jain said. A complaint was lodged at Yelahanka police station, she said.

The police confirmed the attack had taken place and said they were investigating the case. No arrests had been made so far, they said. A meeting was held with local leaders of a minority community to find an amicable solution, police said.

Jain told PTI that she and Joshine Antony were the petitioners in a case pertaining to stopping illegal slaughter houses in the city.

“The court had asked us to show at least five such illegal abattoirs in the city to pass an order. It also appointed two court commissioners to oversee the operations,” said Jain. On October 14, the team located three illegal abattoirs at J.J. Nagar, Chandra Layout and Shikari Palya.

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