Mob Attacks Animal Rights Activists Trying to Rescue Cattle in Karnataka

One of the activists said she suspected that the police were involved in the attack as well, but officers rejected her allegation.

Credit: Reuters

New Delhi: Two women animal rights activists were injured when a mob of over 150 people assaulted them as they tried to rescue cattle from an illegal slaughterhouse at Avalahalli near Talghatpura in Karnataka on Saturday evening.

Activists Nandini and Sejil were reportedly accompanied by two police constables from Talghatpura police station.

However, the victims alleged that both constables fled from the spot, leaving them trapped inside the vehicle at the mercy of the mob, reported Bangalore Mirror.

Nandini, a software engineer from Koramangala, suffered head injuries and fractured her hand, while Sejil, also a software engineer, sustained injuries on her arms and face, reported the Hindu.

According to a report in ANI, Nandini claimed, “Fourteen cows were tied there, of which two calves were being taken to a small room in a nearby area for slaughter”. She said she had filed a complaint at the nearest police station. “We were assured that action was being taken, and police officers were deployed in the area.”

According to the Indian Express, Nandini alleged that even though the police offered to help her, they instead led her into a trap where the mob had allegedly gathered. “There was no attempt by the police to stop the slaughter but they instead got off the car and exposed me to the mob,’’ she alleged. “This was a trap set up by the police.”

“When we reached the spot accompanied by two police constables a mob of 100 men attacked our car with boulders and bricks,” Nandini said in her complaint.

After the attack, Nandini rushed to the police station and filed a complaint.

Nandini suffered head injuries and fractured her hand. Credit: Twitter/ANI

Nandini told the Indian Express that the incident was evidence that Karnataka was becoming a “mini Pakistan” controlled by the animal slaughter mafia.

Meanwhile, former Karnataka chief minister B.S. Yeddyurappa condemned the violence on Twitter. “Condemn the brutal mob-attack on the woman who exposed illegal cow slaughter. This violent attack today in Bengaluru is another proof law and order breakdown under Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah,” he wrote.

DCP (south) S.D. Sharanappa, under whose jurisdiction the alleged incident occurred, told the Indian Express that the police acted on the complaint of illegal slaughter filed by the activist and sent personnel to stop the illegal activities.

However, he added, “There are contradictory versions about what occurred and we need to investigate and find out. The locals say there was an accident involving the complainant’s car which resulted in the gathering of a crowd”.

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