Read: Jay Amit Shah’s Response to The Wire’s Report

Today morning, a news website ‘The Wire’ published an article titled “The Golden Touch of Jay Amit Shah” authored by Ms. Rohini Singh. The editor of the website is Mr. Siddharth Varadarajan.

The article makes false, derogatory and defamatory imputation against me by creating in the minds of right-thinking people an impression that my business owes its ‘success’ to my father Shri Amitbhai Shah’s political position.

My businesses are fully legitimate and conducted in a lawful manner on commercial lines, which is reflected in my tax records, and are through banking transactions. I had taken loan either from NBFC or Non-funded Credit Facilities from Cooperative Bank on purely commercial terms strictly in accordance with law. I have repaid the loans by cheque on commercial rate of interest and within the time stipulated. I have mortgaged my family property with the cooperative bank to get the credit facilities.

My lawyer has given details of my legitimate transactions to the Author of the website and all questions posed by her were answered with details since I had nothing to hide.

Since the website has proceeded in making an absolutely false imputation in a highly slanted article thereby damaging my reputation I have decided to prosecute Author, Editor/(S) and the Owner/(s) of the aforesaid news website for criminal defamation and sue them for an amount of Rs. 100 crores. Both the actions will be filed at Ahmedabad where I stay, carry on my business and where the cause of action has arisen.

If anyone else republish/re-broadcast the imputations made in the said article, whether directly or indirectly, such person or entity will also be guilty of the very same criminal and/or civil liability.


  • praveen sakhuja

    Interesting, let us who succeeds, Jay or group of wire? I do not who is at of Wire, but definately entire government machinery will be standing behind Jay being son of President of BJP m who is close associate of PM.

  • Anjan Basu

    Common sense suggests there is no case for ‘defamation’ here. Every bit of information the article has quoted is in the public domain, though Rohini Singh has seen a pattern here which Jay Amit Shah or his father ( or, for that matter, the entire BJP) would hotly contest. A closer/repeat reading of the article side by side with the rebuttal that has appeared on another portal indicate that, perhaps, some further sifting of the facts of the case ( for example, how the losses in 2015-16 came about) will be required for a complete picture of the business to emerge. Both Rohini and The Wire need to tread carefully here. A riposte to the rebuttal, the sooner the better, will be in order.

  • https://babupaedia.blogspot.in Sudhansu Mohanty

    I would believe that the author and The Wire team, responsible journalists as they are, would doubtless have gone through every little facts/details available with them from unimpeachable public domain like the RoC before saying what they have said. Jay Amit Shah’s accusation that “the website has proceeded in making an absolutely false imputation in a highly slanted article thereby damaging my reputation” is quite on expected line. The first rebuttal invariably is one of intimidation. But what’s important is the fact that the devil lies in the details. And the bottom line is: Facts are sacred, opinions are free, as the liberal cliche would have us believe. Let’s wait for further analysis/rebuttal and clarifications from the author and The Wire team before we get a complete picture and draw our own conclusions. I’m sure it’ll take a while to carefully look into the relevant documents, reflect and run a fine tooth comb before responding substantively. We’ll wait.

  • Anjan Basu

    The basic facts of the case are all in the public domain and can be easily verified. I checked on Temple Enterprise’s balance sheet for FYs 2014-15 & 2015-16 and found the numbers quoted by Rohini Singh to be accurate. The slight confusion about the negative net worth in FY 15-16 has been sorted out now. Shah can of course find fault with one or two points of presentation which could have been improved but the 16000x jump in turnover is an incontrovertible fact. What really needs to be looked more closely at is the inexplicable losses/ low profits of both Temple and Finserve and why Temple folded up so suddenly. These are areas most susceptible to manipulation. In any case, defamation seems to be a far-fetched proposition here, though the case that Rohini Singh makes can do with some further sharpening.

  • S.N.Iyer

    Why doesn’t Jay Shah prove that the figures given by the Registrar of CO’s is wrong and give them “correct” figures. Defamation can only stand in law if the numbers given are wrong. Perhaps the fact that he is Amit Shah’s son was disclosed. Unless Jay Shah denies that fact or that the company belongs to some other Jay Shah. So far this is not denied that the Co in question did make a profit in one year 16000 times its profit in the previous year.
    The conclusion is left to the reader on how and why the Co made such phenomenal profits when other CO’s are struggling and the loans given by an individual connected with the largest industrial giant in India based in Gujarat.
    Can Mr Shah stop anyone from making their own judgement. It is equally possible that some readers may even appreciate Jay Shah’s acumen!

    • Deshaabhimaani Damodardas Subo

      Sir you may not like Mr jay shaw or his father.
      But you still need To patiently read anything you read, relax and take little care while commenting, read your comment once before you post it , make corrections Etc and only then post.
      A little recklessness on the part of one or two commentators can wreck the cause of other well meaning careful and critical commentators!
      Kindly exercise a little restraint and a little caution sir !

  • Anjan Basu

    But here we are talking about a business which has been functional for several years! I suggest you read Rohini Singh’s article first, because then you can expect to make meaningful comments on the issue.
    As for my ‘lack of business’ (whatever that may mean), I am surely not conversant with the techniques of manipulating business results, but having spent my professional career in banking and finance, I can read balance sheets at least as well as others. That experience tells me that it may be counter-productive for Jay Shah’s well-wishers to try to defend his ‘creative accounting’ practices. I hope you understand what I mean. Thank you!

  • Deshaabhimaani Damodardas Subo

    Wow, what a virtuous and wonderful young businessman is this gentleman!

    What a great pedigree!

    What great partners!

    What great history and record of antecedents of the pedigree and partners and lenders and their bosses!

    Namonnamahaa !

    A recital of the filings of the great company of this great young man, son of a great man , caused loss of reputation by defamation worth one hundred crores?

    Assuming this is is ten percent of his great networth, how worthy he must be!

    Somebody please bring the biography and geography of this great young man, his schooling, his entry into Business, the Businesses and firms and companies he is or has been associated with, the great people and companies and the great Lines of Businesses associated with them and so on!

    India and Indians desperately need to learn all this information.

    While shri Amit Shaw is one great man, it is possible we have many other great men and great sons with whom the great BJP IS ASSOCIATED .

    So workless and useless journalists should find some useful work to study them and bring their great truths into public domain for the benefit of Indian people and the world at large!

  • Deshaabhimaani Damodardas Subo

    Bal KRISHNA Ji , be little kind to innocent non business people.

    Great and smart business men like you and shri jay shaw have special business acumen and knowledge and intelligence. In addition shri jay shaw has great pedigree.

    So wonderful gentlemen businessmen like you should help innocent doubting Thomases to unravel great success stories like that of jay shaw and his financiers and partners, the smart trade practices they resort to, the great commodities they trade in, the great parties they buy from at the great prices and the great buyers they sell at great prices.

    If the slate is very normal, then fools like these who are suspecting the financial Chastity of men of great integrity like jay shaw Ji should be castigated.

    If this is a magic slate which looks black and white chalk letters as I filed with the registrar of companies to simple folks like us, but has a great high resolution plasma screen visible only to other greatmen like you, it is time some kind people like you or some journallists go deeper into this and use special glasses that will show all the colourful information visible on the plasma screen.

    We ordinarily people of India are thristing to know this great information and benefit, may be a hundred times less!