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Jan Gan Man Ki Baat, Episode 130: Modi’s Speech on Economy and Attack on Journalists

Vinod Dua discusses Narendra Modi’s speech on Indian economy and continued attacks on journalists in India.

  • Deshaabhimaani Damodardas Subo

    Shri Modi has no back ground of any experience or expertise or public issues or economy or productivity , or agrarian issues or education or a world view or any knowledge of science or logic!

    The poor man grew up in a miserable life common to majority of Indian people, we know as a chaiwala.

    Next he got trapped as an innocent adolocent or young man into RSS SHAKA and became a full time PRACHARAK.

    What are full time pracharaks taught before and after they become one?

    Please take the trouble of interviewing some assorted pracharaks available across the country in this Million or five million nonrecord keeping membership organisation!

    You will get a better idea!

    Idiocy is all that they ingrain in these poor no other prospects fellas subjected to gobbledygook of the senior frustrated gurus.

    The great guru shri Modi pranaams affirms that Indians are genetically Aryans that lived on the North Pole of the earth originally attached to india but has now drifted to where it is! He thinks Indians are a race of Aryans of their own!

    Adolf Hitler too thought Germans were Aryan Race!

    Who can tell RSS gurus and guys that Indians are an assorted but wonderful amalgam of the only three races mankind has, the negroid, the mongoloid and the Caucasian!

    And that the other two races have originally evolved from one great African Negroid Mother!

    The poor modi went round on a motorbike, mostly driven(?), propagated and gave inspirational speeches at shakas, and as a diligent hardworking fellow found an opportunity to work in bjp offices having been sent on deputation!

    Must have been a good and concentious guy and found favour with tall political guys who groomed him as a confidant in party affairs!

    Opportunities came and he got catapulted into the earthquake work and his sincerity must have shown up.

    Back in delhi the groomers found him usefull to fire him out as the chief minister in a waring state!

    The man survived aided by intuition, street smartness and an extraordinary lack of conscience and presence of daring of a fuherer!

    Then came chasing the godra opportunity!

    He sold his conscience or rather did not have any, and the the pogram never seen in modern India occurred!

    At best his inaction rates him as the most incompetent chief minister.

    At worst it will result in holding him as an active collaborator to kill a thousand or more innocent people with concomitant rape and plunder.

    The truth could be somewhere in between.

    His continuing in power helped in destruction of any evidence available other than eye witnesses and conjectural as even circumstantial evidence too has become extinct.

    Now he is the prime minister.

    The past evidence is completely erased except for the dead people.

    Even rape victims have nothing to prove!

    Plunder and homes and businesss burnt people have nothing to prove.

    Everything is in the account of gods unknown!

    With such a background how can shri modi be expected to lead India?

    The great RSS has found him a wonderful tool to serve it’s purpose to seize state power under a constitution it has no respect, a flag it disowned and under an anthem it abhorred!

    Other than enjoying the charisma and reigns of power, pleasure of being a king shri Modi may not have any great personal persuits!

    But he appears a man full of loyalty to the organisation that made him what he is, and all his crony capitalist friends who invested in him during the Gujarat days and in the campaign for seizure of power in delhi in a specific historical situation.

    Getting coronated is one thing!

    Leading a country towards development and progress, construction and production, motivation to uplift the culture of work and determination are things alien to the philosophy of RSS OR THE CRONY CAPITALISTS!

    So shri modi is a man trapped!

    And he appears to be happy to live in the trap as long as he will last!

    He may perhaps be a different man when the edifice of RSS SEIJURE of state power disappears and can contemplate on his own, if abandoned by RSS and / or crony capitalist friends.

    The greatest persuit the country has seen on the part of the real power strings holders behind shri Modi is only establishment of cronies and men without conscience and a soul in all positions of power and liver, establishment of a new age mafia in the name of gowrakshaks, killing of rationalists, journalists and RTI activists, dis entanglement of the cronies facing criminal charges of 2002 and others, emasculation of judiciary, back door passage of laws ensuring a regimented society!

    Economic development and organisation, policy making have been left to dogs to fight or play.

    Demonetisation was a long known prescription of that mechanicle engineering diploma holder with zero track record of anything of substance, and his organisation Arth Kranthi.

    Shri Modi believed in the mesmerising crude magic of that believer in his own imaginary thrishanku swarga!

    Modi believed him because he neither had the wit nor wisdom to see through the great fraudulent proposal of a self deceptive frustrated man.

    We must accept shri Modi as a man of limited intellect or as a man of great intellect at our own peril!

    It is that peril we invested in we are now facing!

    Modi himself affirmed that India is not GST ready when he was in Gujarat!

    He gave in to the deception of his advisors believing those who crowned him can not err!

    He has no wherewithal to discern or exercise discretion!

    He has no stakes in what happens to India!

    He is a simple humble man that has tasted ambition at the Everest level and the pleasure of an invisible crown on his head!

    He will not backtrack himself!

    But he is likely to respect the people of India even when they turn their backs!

    It is likely he will be great full to them because they crowned him for so long believing him, even if they were themselves subject to the deception of the RSS AND CRONY capitalist Goebbels propaganda!

    If it is so, there may be a peaceful electoral transition in india some time sooner than later in a decade or more or less!

    But if the rss finds enough willing to collaborate in the armed forces and judiciary, india may go the way of a rogue state under open or masked dictatorship!

    That may inflict great pain on a billion people.

    We have to just await history to chart it’s course!


  • alok asthana

    Modi has screwed himself big time. Very mind of him to ensure his own downfall.

    • Deshaabhimaani Damodardas Subo

      sir if you can be more polite in your writing, more people pay attention to you, your credibility enhances unlike bhakths and wire also will reflect a better image! if not you too are likely to go down on the slippery slop of bhakth trolls!

  • alok asthana

    Modi has screwed himself big time. Very kind of him to ensure his own downfall.