Anonymous Threat to NDTV’s Ravish Traced to Exporter Followed by Prime Minister Modi

Exposé raises questions about whether the sustained abuse and threats the senior journalist is being subjected to has official sanction.

Ravish Kumar, award winning anchor of NDTV India. Credit: YouTube screengrab

Trolls who resort to abuse and threatening language can be blocked on Twitter and can even have their accounts suspended but WhatsApp allows victims little chance of redress. Which is why’s recent investigation into the source of abusive messages sent to NDTV anchor Ravish Kumar via WhatsApp is so important. The investigation has unearthed not just the identity of some of the trolls involved but also the fact that at least one of them is followed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Twitter.

The exposé suggests the existence of a systematic campaign by social media vigilantes to harass and intimidate journalists that the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Modi government considers unfriendly. The Wire is republishing this piece because Modi’s decision to follow the main accused here, Niraj Dave, on Twitter raises disturbing questions about the degree to which this vigilantism enjoys official approval.

“I’m sad you are alive”, is one among the many messages addressed to NDTV India anchor Ravish Kumar on a WhatsApp group. On September 22, Kumar had put up a post along with multiple screenshots on his Facebook page alleging that a group of people repeatedly add him to a specific WhatsApp group for the sole purpose of abusing him. These screenshots were from the WhatsApp group called “ऊँ धर्म रक्षति रक्षित:”.

Kumar stated in his post that even if he exits the group, he’s added back after certain political events and abusive language is used to target him.

Based on the screenshots posted by Kumar, we tried to track down the people targeting him and this is what we found.

The above screenshot has been taken from Kumar’s post which shows a person with the number “7575826300” stating, “मुझे भी दुःख है तू जीवित है (I’m also sad that you’re still alive)”. We looked up this phone number and found that it has been advertised multiple times by an export agency called Anjaney Exports.

Considering that it is an export agency, we looked for the company Anjaney Exports on and found the following information.

As can be seen in the image above, the number “7575826300” from the WhatsApp account matches the tweets shown earlier from the Anjaney Exports account and also matches the details in this IndiaMart entry. Phone numbers on IndiaMart are verified via OTP (one time password). The names and address have to be put in manually by the entity who wants to be featured in IndiaMart. That would indicate that the Anjaney Exports entry along with the phone numbers and address were manually entered by the person managing the account which in this case would be Niraj Dave whose name is listed as managing partner.

The IndiaMart entry has another phone number and we looked it up on Truecaller. While the first phone number isn’t masked in this post because it is already available in public domain, we have masked the second phone number for the sake of the person’s privacy.

This Truecaller entry also shows that this person’s Twitter handle is “Nir_27”. Again, this is a verified Truecaller profile as indicated by the blue tick mark. Further, a tweet by Nir_27 account confirms that the Niraj Dave handling Anjaney Exports is the same as Niraj Dave handling the Nir_27 Twitter account.

We looked up the Nir_27 Twitter profile and it is followed by none other than the prime minister of India.

The following 2012 tweet indicates that Dave is also close to other BJP leaders like Subramanian Swamy.

Some of the other messages sent by Dave on this group can be seen below.

Other than Dave, we also investigated one of the admins of the WhatsApp group who goes by the name Akash Soni.

The WhatsApp profile image is a picture of him with Nirmala Sitharaman.

Infact, Soni’s Facebook profile and personal page has many more pictures of him with various BJP leaders.

Soni has also posted private numbers of multiple journalists like Barkha Dutt, Kumar, Rajdeep Sardesai and Abhisar Sharma publicly on his Facebook timeline.

This WhatsApp group also has Nikhil Dadhich who is followed by Prime Minister Modi and had celebrated Gauri Lankesh’s murder by tweeting – “A b*$#^ died a dog’s death”.

Alt News had recently exposed how BJP national IT cell head Amit Malviya had put out an edited video clip of Kumar’s speech to defame him. Earlier, a person unrelated to Kumar was portrayed as his sister who is charged with a corruption case. Independent journalism continues to scar those who are in power and their supporters.

This article was originally published on Alt News.

  • S.N.Iyer

    All this is ominous. That some persons are carrying out such viscious propaganda is frightening. We can dismiss them as followers of a particular kind of thinking. But it is too premature to link them to the PM. They are following their own narrow ideas but it will be wrong to involve the PM as being directly involved.

    • Anjan Basu

      I don’t think it was suggested here that the PM ‘is directly involved’. But the expose proves beyond all doubt that the warriors of these unspeakably ugly social media campaigns have the blessings of not just the BJP but also its supreme leader. If this is not criminal complicity, what is? It seems you believe, even now, that ‘it will be premature to link them( the criminal trolls) to the PM’. You are entitled to your opinion, of course, but the facts of the case do not support your view any more. Please remember that some of these same criminals exulted in the most vicious manner after a defenceless woman journalist was killed in cold blood. She spoke against Modi, and Modi approvingly follows these same subhuman creatures. And yet you give Modi the benefit of the doubt? Well, you may, but most people don’t.

    • Amitabha Basu

      Please open your eyes and ears …. After the 2002 Gujarat pogrom, when Modi openly evoked Gujarati and Hindu gaurav and called to show Muslims their place, his rhetoric was always in the same vein. When he became the PM in 2014, he realised that he had to be inclusive in words and could not utter the same things any more, but he let the sadhvis, yogis, sakshis and others of their ilk spew anti-Muslim and anti-Dalit venom. His studied silence after every incident of hate and bigoted violence, his belated utterance of a few generalities and supposed admonitions to cow vigilantes, etc. has not changed the trend of hatred, bigotry and intolerance for ‘the other’ that is sweeping our land today. Only the most gullible, apart from his diehard bhakts, can believe that he is not the silent approver of all this hatred and bigotry against the minorities, as a means of furthering the Sanghi objective of a Hindu Rashtra. Silence often speaks louder than words.

      • S.N.Iyer

        I agree with you that he has kept a studied silence while many of his followers – direct and indirect- have consistently attacked the minorities. Modi is yet a RSS pracharak and these elements seem to enjoy a free ride without fear of the law. There is only one occasion when he visited Tajakistan- a Muslim country – when he commended Islam probably because he was away from RSS clutches. I strongly feel also that our present lack of faith in our Govt about Kashmir is because a RSS leader is in constant touch with the State Govt with the known position of RSS and minorities.
        But I join everyone in condemning the dastardly murder of journalist like Gauri Lankesh as also death threats to other journalists.