Watch: Shehla Rashid on Republic TV Controversy and JNU

The Wire’s Amit Singh talks to JNU student leader Shehla Rashid about JNU’s gender sensitisation committee against sexual harassment (GSCASH), trolling on social media, her spat with a Republic reporter and more.

  • Anjan Basu

    Great to see young leaders like Shehla Rashid, Kanhaiya Kumar and Umar Khalid stand up to tyranny, bigotry and hate! They give us hope that our country’s future is not as bleak as it sometimes looks to be these days, especially to us who are no longer young and who tend to despond as intolerance, repression and stupidity seem to swamp this great country. Grateful to The Wire for its ability and willingness to give space to this generation of doughty fighters whom the so-called ‘mainstream’ media seek desperately to marginalise and even abuse.