For Modi’s Birthday, BJP Yuva Morcha Member Distributes ‘Won’t Criticise Government’ Pledge

The pledge also says, “from today, I will throw garbage and dirt in the dustbin, will not dirty my country and not let anyone dirty the country”.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi outside parliament. Credit: PTI

New Delhi: In the run-up to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday on Sunday, September 17, the BJP and supporters of the prime minister are going all out to come up with ways to mark – and force others to celebrate – the occasion.

Primary school students in Uttar Pradesh were originally asked to attend celebratory events on Modi’s birthday (a school holiday), but the state government has since clarified that the events will be held the day before his birthday. A lecture by BJP leaders and MLAs on the government’s “public welfare schemes and achievements” is being organised in nearly 130 government schools in Varanasi, Modi’s Lok Sabha constituency. The party will also celebrate Modi’s birthday as ‘sewa diwas’ across the country. Party workers and leaders have been asked to participate in cleanliness drives and organise medical camps in colonies inhabited by those involved in tasks like manual scavenging and sweeping.

Meanwhile, a Modi supporter in Jaipur will display about 2 lakh photos of the prime minister in a local mall as a show of devotion, and to break a world record.

Joining them in celebrating Modi’s birthday with a grand gesture is Prakash Gurjar, a BJP Yuva Morcha member, who has been distributing pamphlets in Ahmedabad, asking people to “pledge” to not criticise the administration and not “dirty” the country, the Indian Express reported.

According to the report, the pledge says, “from today, I will throw garbage and dirt in the dustbin, will not dirty my country and not let anyone dirty the country” and “I will not prejudicially criticise the administration that is formed of the people, by the people and for the people”.

Gurjar and memebers of his NGO Madagar Pariwar Foundation have been distributing pamphlets, called the ‘Sankalp Patra’, about the pledge for the last ten days at public spaces, including railway stations, malls, and schools and colleges.

According to the Indian Express, this is not the first time Gurjar has celebrated Modi’s birthday with a grand gesture. He has previously organised an eye-donation pledge campaign; made a massive greeting card for the prime minister, which he claims was auctioned to help the Jammu and Kashmir flood victims; and organised a ‘take selfie with beti’ campaign.

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    “Don’t dirty the country and don’t let anyone else dirty the country, either”. The swiftness with which this slogan coalesces into ‘