Modi May Announce Speedier Launch of Indian Bullet Train, Pushing for August 2022

The train is expected to reduce travel time between Mumbai and Ahmedabad to less than three hours from the current seven hours.

Bullet train

Modi will lay the foundation stone on September 14 at Sabaramati to announce the commencement of work on the 508 km-long high speed rail operation on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet route route. Credit: Reuters

New Delhi: With the aim of making a big splash on India completing 75 years of independence, the Modi government is gearing up to flag off the first bullet train in the country by advancing the launch to August 15, 2022.

On September 14, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is likely to announce the advancing of the date of the launch of the much-awaited high-speed train that will run between Mumbai and Ahmedabad, from the earlier target of March 2023.

Along with Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Modi will lay the foundation stone on September 14 at Sabaramati to announce the commencement of work on the 508 km-long high-speed rail route.

The bullet train, with the capacity to accommodate 750 people, is expected to reduce the travel time between the two major metropolises to less than three hours from the current seven hours.

Japan is partially funding the bullet train project. It is estimated that of the Rs 1,10,000 crore that will be spent on the project, Japan will give India a loan of Rs 88,000 crore. These loans will be available at 0.1% interest and India can repay them in 50 years.

Apart from this, work on a passenger terminal at Sabarmati and a training centre for high-speed train operations at Baroda are also scheduled to be announced at the function, which is to be attended by the chief ministers of Gujarat and Maharashtra and the top brass of Indian railways.

“We are in discussions with Japan to bring forward the launching of the high-speed train from 2023 to August 15, 2022, to coincide with 75 years of independence,” said a senior railway ministry official.

The high-speed training centre at Baroda will be built at an estimated cost of Rs 600 crore. Five hectares of land has been earmarked for the centre.

According to a Japan International Cooperation Agency report, 400 trained personnel are required to run the Mumbai-Ahmedabad high-speed train.

As per the current arrangement, 300 railway officers will be trained annually in Japan for the upcoming operations.

Once the centre in Baroda is operational by 2020, about 1200 railway officers will be trained at the institute in batches every year.

The high-speed rail will have 12 stations between Mumbai and Ahmedabad. The proposed stations are Bandra Kurla Complex, Thane, Virar, Boisar, Vapi, Bilimora, Surat, Bharuch, Vadodara, Anand, Ahmedabad and Sabarmati.

According to the feasibility report, if the train stops at these 12 stations, it will cover the distance in two hours and 58 minutes at a speed of 320 kmph. However, if the train stops at only four stations, the distance can be covered in two hours and seven minutes.

Of the 508 km route, 468 km of the track will be elevated, 27 km of of the route will have a tunnel and the remaining 13 km will be on the ground. The 27 km of tunnel will pass through seven kilometres under the sea near Thane, making it India’s first underwater rail route.

According to the feasibility report, fares on the high-speed train are expected to be 1.5 times higher than the current first class AC fare on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad route, meaning a passenger will have to pay between Rs 2700 and Rs 3000.

Besides the feasibility and technical reports that have been prepared, soil and rocks below the 70-metre deep sea are being tested as part of the geo-technical and geo-physical investigation undertaken for the project.

Arun Kumar Das is a senior journalist.

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  • Anjan Basu

    Yes, why not? Indeed, why 2022 — why not 2019 itself, so that even as the whole country’s train tracks crumble down, a couple of bullet tracks can carry Modi and his entourage to his election victory rally after the Lok Sabha elections? Megalomania and a monumental cynicism of the ruler — playing out to the loud cheers of a moronic, unlettered, but smug middle class who rule on the anti-social networks — can work the impossible. So, on to the bullet train’s smooth ride across a wilderness of farmer deaths and emaciated babies! Bharat Mata Ki Jai!

    • There we go again! God in Heaven, have mercy upon us!

  • Deshaabhimaani Damodardas Subo

    something seriously wrong with this Mumbai Ahmadabad project at 98k crores!

    There is no great benefit to India as a whole because of such project or connectivity.

    There is a wonderful national high way existing and it takes about 8 hours. There is still available space on both sides of the national high way and two more lanes each can be developed on each side and that four lines can be high speed lanes allowing 150 to 250km per hour. Buses and cars can go at that speed.

    In the alternative as experienced railway officials say existing rail network can be upgraded to 170mm an hour and Mumbai Ahmadabad 525 km can be traversed in about three to three and a half hours including a few short stops.

    Yet two to five aircraft on wet lease can start service tomorrow morning with zero tax aviation fuel and some concessions in landing handling fees and one way flight can come in less than fifteen hundred to two thousand rupees and if hyper sensitive flight paths are streamlined 500km is forty five minutes!

    If you want to add free bus or mini bus shuttles from a different Bay at airport. Rest of India has no problem if all you guys of Gujarat are given the status of shri Robert vadrha had till some time ago!

    But leave us other Indians to our non bullet or bullet train fate! Your ninety eight thousand crores which may become one hundred twenty five thousand crores soon like all projects in India are no less than bullets to the rest of Indian people!

    Shri Modi ji and his honourable ministers want to collect taxes from 1300 million Indian people and squander it on shri Modi ji ‘s political mistress smt Gujarat maharani!

    Gujarat population is less than five percent of India.

    State wise tax revenues Gujarat appears to contribute less than six percent of India

    And shri Modi ji Maharaj wants to take tax money from whole of India and squander it on this useless dream girl project of a stupid bullet train at this cost?!

    something funny is happening! 525 km ahmedabad -mumbai link to cost 15 billion while estimated 2200km chennai-new delhi link would cost 20 billion! 24% distance to cost 75%. and this is big money! chennai -delhi will pass through tamilnadu karnataka, andhra pradesh, telangana, maharashtra, madhya pradesh, uttar pradesh and delhi, while also connecting onward states punjab, haryana, rajasthan, uttaranchal, uttarkhand, chathisgarh, , jammu and kashmir onwards and sideways!

    what will this mumbai ahmedabad bullet train will connect?

    Befriend Chinese, ask for technical advise and expertise, take their assistance to set up infrastructure for high speed trains track laying and engine and coaches all made in India.

    We have so many thousands of engineers.

    Send them to work as apprentices to China to work and in everything related to high speed trains!

    May be pay some small technical fees! Come back and do everything in India

    This Japanese thing is going to bring everything or most things from Japan! Japanese economy has become geriatric. by Selling to India they want to do blood transfusion!

    And they want to pit India against China militarily for themselves and for their dear allies USA, United Kingdom, France and Germany. These are big brother Mafia dividing how to loot rest of the world!

    India is their victim.

    India Pakistan and India China boundary problems are because of them and Russia! They all sell us arms and other goods, hold up our development and resources as we foolishly keep fighting imaginary enmity!

    It is time for people of the union of India consisting of twenty five plus States to sit and arrive at a fair system of income and expenditure, reducing expenditure and useless corrupt white elephant government servants and develop our country like China, like some South American countries are doing!

    We must stop regional satraps like shri Modi ji Maharaj from carrying away the wealth of all other states in the union to just one state, his state!

    The 2002 gave him Gujarat on a platter! It will stay with him for a few years more.

    Even with gifts of bullet trains and bullets sometimes as in Recent patel agitation, this mistress Gujarat maharani will not stay with him. It is the inherent character of any mistress, political or not!

    it is not you who they love! it is what they can get from you that they like!


    I think the people of India must question the bjp and sangh pariwar everywhere in India on how do they justify this enormous transfer of wealth collected from the whole of India just to gujarat, just to let them have a roller coater ride to mumbai!

    today i checked and a go air ticket for 9 oct 2017 is available for 1201 rupees.

    by Gujarat state waiving off tax on aviation fuel, investing some fund in the airport for runway and bay improvement, they can fly in less than 1000 rupees a person! and no bullet train can be less than 2500 to 5000 rupees! so more time, more charge and what for you want to do this? what development are you bringing to India buy giving this bullet train to mumbai- Ahmadabad?

    Even Mumbai tax revenues are hyper figures as just the company corporate offices are situated there and therefore the tax returns get filed there and taxes get paid there!

    This is a divisive policy. The state in which the monies are earned must get a just share and then there shall be a national share which can be judiciously and yet equitably distributed for all of india! if this principle is not refined and made more transparent and equitable, there may be serious issues for the unity of India.

    shri modi ji can not work like an RSS pracharak in the office of the prime minister! he is our prime minister. he must act like prime minister of all Indians.

    i am of the humble opinion that all political parties in India must broaden their horizons, see the danger of this dangerous divisive policy that can seriously harm india in the long run, work for scrapping this project, and bring onto table for sharing of tax revenues in a just, fair, equitable manner that is opposed to capriciousness, whimsical behaviour, autocratic, i do what i please because i came to office by fooling you and you shut up for five years methodology, make shri damodardas narendra bhai modi jito drop this devil of an idea, work for the over all development of India and Indians, while still doing some extra favours to his state of Gujarat in a reasonable way! not NINTY EIGHT THOUSAND CRORES!

    SHRI MODI JI does not appear to have learnt any lessons from Gujarat having gone to London, having addressed useless jingoistic Indian origin people there! their India is different from our India! all these people walked abroad on the labours and pains of India! we gave them what they had when they left! and they gave us back very little!

    we must be beware of these useless jingoistic pios and ocis. we must protect India!

    satyameva jayathe! sarvajano sukhinaabhavantho! bhaarath maathaa ki jai! jai hind!

  • Anjan Basu

    Someone ‘enamoured with decades of failure (of) socialist ideas’? That must be someone like you who clearly hates ‘socialist ideas’ so that their ‘failure’ enamours you? — Please figure it out. Meanwhile, I have no quarrel at all with your point of view — because, as you so honestly and clearly state here, all you are looking for are ‘the comforts of a middle class existence’. That is precisely the point. The city-dwelling, upwardly-mobile, vocal middle class is bothered about only their own ‘comforts’ — no matter if the vast, hungry, unlettered, diseased, uncouth masses continue to live for aeons the wretched lives of sub-human creatures. With such an unabashedly self-centred, narrow social philosophy, there can be no dialogue, because we speak two altogether different languages from maybe two different planets.

  • Anjan Basu

    Both Japan and China are way ahead of India in giving their citizens food, clothing, education and basic healthcare, that is why.

  • Anjan Basu

    You are wrong again! India’s poor masses do NOT pine for a transition to middle- class comforts ( or to middle-class selfishness). They just want a life worthy of man, no more. They can do without fancy gizmos like Bullet Trains. All they want, at any rate as of now, is food, clothing, shelter and basic healthcare. The myopic Indian state continues to deny them all that even as it strikes vain-glorious postures like ‘ If others can, why can’t we?’ Who will bring it home to our brain- dead ‘leaders’ that as long as they fail to deliver on their basic duties, they have no business messing around with white elephants?