Two Men in Telangana Set Themselves on Fire After Bribe Demand

The two, along with others from their village, tried to complain to a local legislator, but were turned away after waiting for five hours.

A local revenue official asked for Rs 20,000 when the two demanded land under a government scheme. Credit: PTI

A local revenue official asked for Rs 20,000 when the two demanded land under a government scheme. Credit: PTI

New Delhi: Two young men in Telangana set themselves ablaze outside the office of a ruling party lawmaker, reportedly after they were asked for a Rs-20,000 bribe and then not given time by the lawmaker.

M. Srinivas, 25, and Y. Parushuramulu, 23, are both farmers from Karimnagar, NDTV reported. According to the channel, they went to village revenue office to claim land under a scheme for Dalits or underprivileged farmers. However, the revenue official asked them for Rs 20,000 before agreeing to process their request. They went along with other villagers to Telangana Rashtra Samiti’s Manakondur legislator Rasamayi Balakishan to complain, but were made to wait for five hours before being told that the politician did not have time to meet them. “We waited from 10 am to 3:30 pm. Then we were asked to leave without a meeting,” a villager who was with them told NDTV.

According to the New Indian Express, the two men were Dalits. Mahankali Sampath, a close relative of one of the men, told the newspaper that said eligible beneficiaries were having an extremely hard time getting what they are entitled to. “He alleged that of the 34 beneficiaries of the scheme in the village, six persons had been allocated land despite being ineligible for the scheme,” the newspaper says.

The enraged youth then poured petrol and set themselves ablaze, said police. The people with them put out the fire and took them to hospital.

“Srinivas has sustained 60% burn injuries whereas Parsharamulu got 40%,” doctors treating them said.

Meanwhile, Telangana finance minister Etela Rajender has directed officials to conduct an enquiry into the incident of attempted suicide. He visited the government hospital where the two are under treatment and said that action would be taken against the village revenue official if the bribery charges were proved true after investigation.

(With PTI inputs)

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