#PartitionAt70: Restorying Partition – Realign

Hari Krishnan grew up in Delhi in a Tamil household in a locality of partition refugees from the Punjab on the other side. As he strolls in Karol Bagh with his childhood friend Amandeep Khurrana, they recollect how Partition shaped their lives.

The Wire’s #PartitionAt70 series brings a number of stories, through text and multimedia content, that will attempt at drawing a comprehensive picture of those weeks and months when entire geographies and histories changed forever.

Story Four: Realign
‘Restorying Partition’ with Vishwajyoti Ghosh – a series of narratives that document the experiences of partition’s grandchildren who have grown up with its everlasting effects and negotiated with this reality in their daily lives.
Watch ‘Story Three: Finding Connections’ here.

‘One of the relics of Partition is ambition. When we saw them (the neighbourhood Punjabis), there was an urge to be like them’ – Hari Krishnan

‘It gave us a sense of attitude. To be pragmatic.’ – Amandeep Khurrana

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