Lal Nishan Party to Merge With CPI to ‘Reinvigorate the Left Movement’


CPI flags. Credit: Reuters

New Delhi: The Lal Nishan Party (LNP) on Thursday announced that it would merge with its parent outfit Communist Party of India (CPI) this month. LNP general secretary Milind Ranade made this announcement at a press conference in Mumbai in the presence of Maharashtra CPI leaders.

After a split in the CPI, the LNP as a political outfit was formed in 1965. “The factors that had led to the split in the CPI in 1964, have now lost their relevance as the international and national contexts have changed. It is important to keep the unity of among all the democratic forces to fight against fascism,” Ranade said.

The merger formality will be officially completed on August 18 in the presence of the national leadership of the CPI, he said.

“After the merger, we will be in a better position to fight against the BJP-led government, which is nothing but an extension of RSS. We need to fight against it unitedly,” he said, adding that the decision to rejoin the CPI is a “well-thought out” plan.

The party, which now has a base only in Maharashtra, said, “The constitution drafted by Dr. Ambedkar that upholds the modern progressive values is threatened and ascendancy of fascism through procedurally democratic instruments is increasing palpable. Values of secularism, social justice, equality, scientific temper and unity in diversity are being trampled upon,” in a press release.

The LNP, as an splinter group, never fought any election and never got the status of the registered and recognised party by the Election Commission.

“However, we have a presence in almost each districts of Maharashtra and have a dedicated pool of workers with credible credentials,” said Ranade.

Bhalchandra Kango, state secretary of CPI, who was present on the occasion, welcomed the move. “We have always been in favour of a single communist party in the country instead of fragmented groups. The merger with LNP will work as a catalyst for the process. We have already sent a proposal to the Communist Party of India (Marxist) for unification. I hope it will materialise soon,” he said.

Another CPI leader, Prakash Reddy said, “The present government has been acting against the Dalits, minorities and all the marginalised classes. The sectarian and reactionary forces are causing immense harm to the social fabric.”

(With inputs from PTI)