Subhash Barala’s Nephew Accused of Threatening Minor to Drop Kidnapping Case Against Relative

After the girl alleged inaction, the Punjab and Haryana high court has asked the police to submit a status report on the investigation against Kuldeep Barala and others.

Haryana BJP chief Subhash Barala. Credit: Twitter/Subhash Barala

Haryana BJP chief Subhash Barala. Credit: Twitter/Subhash Barala

New Delhi: Haryana BJP chief Subhash Barala’s son Vikas Barala – accused of ‘stalking’ Varnika Kundu, though she has said it was an attempt to kidnap, not stalking – is not the only one in the Barala family to be involved in violence against a woman.

Kuldeep Barala (Vikas’s cousin) – who was the first member of the Barala family to jump to Vikas’s defence on social media and resort to victim blaming after Kundu made her allegations public – and others have been accused of covering up a case of abduction and rape of a minor girl and intimidating the girl to withdraw her case. The accused in the case is Vikram (he goes by Vicky) Barala, the grandson of Subhash’s brother.

The Punjab and Haryana high court asked the Haryana police on Tuesday (August 8) to provide a status report on the case, as the girl involved has alleged that the police is not acting despite there being “there is sufficient oral as well as medical evidence” against the accused, Times of India reported. This status report is to be submitted by August 31.

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“Till date no action has been taken against the respondents because they are very influential people and close relative of MLA of the Tohana constituency (Subhash Barala). Hence, local police under their influence are not taking any action,” Times of India quoted the complainant as saying in her petition to the court.

The alleged abduction took place on May 7, 2017, from Badhai Khera village in Fatehabad. The girl has alleged that she was intimidated by the Barala family into saying that she had left with Vikram of her own free will. She was rescued by the police after locals protested and an FIR – with kidnapping as one of the charges – was filed at Fatehabad station on May 8. The girl had also alleged that Kuldeep, his wife and others were part of the conspiracy to kidnap her. Some reports, like one in NDTV, also claim that Kuldeep was involved in the original kidnapping case as well.

Subhash had distanced himself from this case when it first came to light, saying Vikram was only a very distant relative, Tribune reported.

Vikram also has another case registered against him, according to India Today. An FIR was registered against last month in Tohana after he allegedly beat up another man and locked him in the dickey of his car.

  • Anjan Basu

    What an illustrious career in crime this young man has managed to build at such a tender age! So, Vikash is not an oddity in the Batala family — rather, he seems to represent the family ‘mainstream’ . No wonder, then, that some members of the Barala household leapt to the stalker-kidnapper’s defence as soon as Varnika filed the FIR against Vikash. They duly produced ‘evidence’ that Varnika was ‘a woman of low morals’ and fought valiant battles on social media to prove their point. Some BJP worthies took up their cause with commendable zeal later. Some of this latter group developed cold feet when there was a furore against their outrageous behaviour, and promptly claimed they had been victims of ‘hacking’. There clearly is method in this madness.