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‘Jan Gan Man Ki Baat’, Episode 92: Indians in Panama Papers and Military Veterans’ Letter to Modi

Vinod Dua discusses how Indians named in Panama Papers have faced little scrutiny even as Pakistan’s Nawaz Sharif has been forced to resign for the same, and reads out an open letter that 114 veterans have written to Modi expressing their dismay at vigilantism and free speech crackdown.


  • mfz

    Sadar Pranam Vinod Dua ji…It is so nice to listen to you after a very long time. I have spent my childhood listening to your Hindi news report on DD-news and improving my Hindi in the process. I just love the ways you make an unbiased news which are relevant for the country. I have learned so much of Hindi from you…..
    This report of yours is yet another example where you have just hit the nail on the head. Correctly and nicely stated, without shouting, making noise, melodrama…..nothing…..but the tone of voice, expressions, words speaks all of it……thanks for being around and keeping democratic journalism alive……