BJP Leader Asks J&K Human Rights Commission to Review Decision to Compensate Farooq Dar

Farooq Ahmad Dar

Farooq Ahmad Dar tied to a jeep in Kashmir on April 9. Credit: Video screengrab

New Delhi: A BJP leader from Chhattisgarh leader plans to file a petition with the Jammu and Kashmir state human rights commission (SHRC) asking it to review its decision to ask the J&K government to compensate Farooq Ahmad Dar, who was used as a human shield by the army on April 9, the day of the Lok Sabha bypoll in Budgam.

The SHRC had on July 10 directed J&K to pay Dar Rs 10 lakh as compensation. In the order, the commission had said that 26-year-old Dar, who had been strapped to an army jeep and paraded through villages, had been subjected to “torture and humiliation” by the army.

The commission had, however, not directed any action against Major Leetul Gogoi, who was responsible for the incident, saying that the SHRC did not have jurisdiction over the army.

Gori Shankar Shrivas, state secretary of the BJP Kisan Morcha, who is leading the delegation that will meet SHRC secretary in Srinagar today, told the Indian Express, “There is a lot of anger against it among youth throughout the country. How can SHRC order the government to give compensation to this man (who was made a human shield)? Such a step would demoralise the army. We registered our opposition to this move and sought that the SHRC review this order.”

State BJP leaders Dinesh Tripathy and Ajay Singh Rathore were also accompanying Shrivas to the meeting. “Major sahib who tied this man Farooq to his vehicle did so without caring for his life. We have nothing against Farooq Dar but we say Major sahib wasn’t wrong. Both the army and the central government have said that Major sahib didn’t do anything wrong,” Shrivas told the Indian Express.