JNU Student Allegedly Beaten by CISF Personnel at Rajiv Chowk Metro Station

MA student Aman Sinha has alleged that the security staff beat him because of his beard and kurta, and for being from JNU.

New Delhi: A JNU student has alleged that Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) personnel beat him at Rajiv Chowk metro station on Thursday evening, abusing him for his beard and wearing kurta, and for being from JNU.

In an account of the incident that he published on his Facebook page, Aman Sinha, a second-year MA history student, said that he was first stopped by the CISF because he went through the security check with his headphones on (commuters aren’t allowed to use mobile phones during the security check). The guard, Sinha says, was “despotic” in the way he handled the situation – while most people are let of with a warning, he was told to go to the back of the rush-hour queue.

According to what Sinha told the Telegraph, a different guard waved him towards the platform as passengers behind him were getting angsty about the delay. He was waiting at the other end of the security check for his sister, still in the women’s queue, when the angry guard came up to him and started yelling. He asked him his name and where he was from – when he said ‘Aman’ and ‘a student from JNU’, he said their anger increased and the other guards too started yelling at him.

“Then they said ‘Poora naam batao (Tell us your full name)’,” Sinha told The Wire. “But I said ‘Aman bataya toh, bohot hai (I said Aman, that’s enough)’.”

He said in his Facebook post:

“Then another CISF person came and said you are spoiling the name of the nation, ‘Pakistan bhejenge tum mussalay ko aaj.’

They dragged me through the public to the security office through the very long passage where there was no CCTV and no public.
They started abusing my mothet and sister, thrashing and beating me very badly me, saying that ‘public k samne hamara nam kharab kar diya, I tried to record it which they later made me delete it threw away my phone.”

Sinha has alleged that he was then taken to the CISF control room where other officers were also present and he explained his version to them, but they continued to beat him anyway. “One of the guards told a woman official in present, ‘Madam, he humiliated us in public’,” Sinha told the Telegraph.

“She spoke to me in English and asked for my identity card. The room had a transparent glass pane on the other side of which commuters queued before an ATM inside the station,” Sinha told the newspaper. “The guards kept saying that I had tarnished the country’s name because I was from JNU. She forced me to write a letter apologising for my bad behaviour and assigned a guard to escort me out of the station.”

He was not allowed to take the metro after the incident, he alleged. He managed to find his sister, who had been calling him, and took an auto to a friend’s house, according to the Telegraph.

CISF deputy inspector-general Raghubir Lal told the newspaper that there would be an “inquiry under a commandant”. “We’ll also examine the closed-circuit television footage,” he said. “The CISF doesn’t allow this sort of thing. Strong action will be taken if anyone is found guilty of violating the rules on interaction with commuters.”

Sinha told The Wire that he is planning to file an FIR on the matter and write a letter to the National Human Rights Commission.

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