In Bihar, Adityanath Lashes Out at Nitish Kumar, Promises to Bring BJP to Power

Adityanath said Nitish Kumar and other “secular leaders” shouldn’t be silent on triple talaq and illegal slaughterhouses.

Uttar Pradesh chief minister Adityanath addresses a public rally in Darbhanga on Thursday. Credit: PTI

Uttar Pradesh chief minister Adityanath addresses a public rally in Darbhanga on Thursday. Credit: PTI

On his first visit to Bihar after becoming chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, Adityanath launched an attack on the Nitish Kumar-led government in the state – while standing behind bullet-proof glass. Adityanath has a whole list of criticisms and questions ready for Kumar: on illegal slaughterhouses, triple talaq and his “unnatural” alliance with Lalu Prasad Yadav. The UP chief minister also vowed to oust the current government by 2020.

Adityanath also talked about himself, claiming that in less than three months he had restored the “rule of law” in UP, NDTV reported.”There is rule of law in Uttar Pradesh… my government will not allow anyone to break law…it is the government’s duty to guarantee security of all and the law will deal firmly with those violating rules,” he said. It wasn’t clear whether the bullet-proof glass was requested by Adityanath or placed by the police on their own, the TV channel reported, but was seen as reiterating Adityanath’s position on the “terrible law and order” situation in Bihar.

“You (Nitish Kumar) have not spoken a word on triple talaq – a raging issue affecting Muslim women in the country and is being dealt by the judiciary. Why are secular leaders silent on the issue? Why do you want to deprive dignified life to these women?” Adityanath asked, adding that “secular” leaders practiced a “duplicity in public life”. He also demanded that Kumar immediately crack down on illegal slaughterhouses.

The BJP leader also hit back at his detractors for painting him as “anti-Muslim” and expressing fear about the future of the minority community after he took charge in March this year.

“The Muslim people feel safe and secure under the BJP rule in Uttar Pradesh and that sufficiently answers questions raised (by my detractors). Even Muslim women say that they are safe under the BJP rule,” Adityanath said.

One of the main problems in Bihar, he said, was the “unnatural” alliance leading it. “”When I see the Nitish-Lalu duo, I think of Kabir’s couplet ‘Kehu Rahim kaise nibhey, Ber ker ka sang’ (which roughly translates to a good man and a bad man can’t live together). Nature will not tolerate this unnatural marriage. Bihar will see a cleanliness campaign soon,” the leader said in Hindi, according to India Today.

“There is an atmosphere of hatasha (despair), nirasha (disappointment) and andhkaar (darkness) in Bihar at present,” he said, adding that the state was lagging behind “despite Centre’s many efforts”. He asked the people to vote for the BJP in the next elections, adding that he will be visiting at regular intervals to spread the party’s message. “The change of guard in Bihar is necessary for integrated development of the country,” he said.

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