• Siddhartha

    The concern for truth within the academic community is to be greatly appreciated, as it is an article of faith for all of us that academics are bound by the tenets of fearless pursuit of truth, obsessive focus on accuracy and precision, and above all intellectual honesty as a foundational principle. On reading this article, I am reminded of the famous line from Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s award winning work “1914” – “Untruth did not begin with us nor will it end with us” – what the famous writer was referring to was of course the continuous barrage of Bolshevik propaganda. Paresh Rawal has twittered in bad taste and either voluntarily or involuntarily deleted his Twitter comment. However, the author is being disingenuous if she thinks Paresh Rawal is the poster child of bad behavior by a member of Parliament. What obviously tilted the scale in this case was the fact that Paresh Rawal’s target has a large fan base and the other targets of the same tasteless comment by Shehla Rashid or Digvijaya Singh do not have adoring fans. Among the 543 members of Parliament, perhaps there are many more from both the left and the right who will fail the good conduct test – in fact comrades and apparitchiks are not known for good behavior neither are regional party leaders – so by her definition of who should qualify for automatic disqualification, the heave ho has to be given to lots of our representatives. Just in the case of the Ramjas College episode which I requested the wire.in not to provide incessant coverage, I think this issue is well past its expiry date – issues have to be pursued with journalistic integrity, not with overt bias or prejudice. The feeding frenzy with who should be tied in front of Army jeeps has got to stop and Paresh Rawal is only one among many who have spoken distastefully on this topic.

  • Rohini

    **”One day soon enough, the little child in the crowd will cry, “but the emperor has no clothes on!”***

    In Ulhaasnager, 3 days ago, 2 little boys aged sub-10 years WERE crying and naked, with not a stitch on. Not the imagined ’emperor’ of your rhetoric. Two real little boys. Where have you been, dear author?
    Why are you wasting the time of this country on non-issues like this internet war? It appears that it is all about on Twitter, for Twitter, by Twitter. When do you people start to tackle the real issues that afflict this country and leave the politically motivated discourse aside? I see no light at the end of the tunnel. And yet, you guys are wondering why there is such a disconnect with journalists and journalism and so called activists? Hilarious.

  • Rohini

    my stand on the Gogoi issue is public. Please look it up.
    the fact the you believe issues like the one about Gpgoi’s tactic can be answered with a yes or a no is testament to your reductive want worldview. that’s why I referred to a family be year old wrt to you.
    as for the whole twiiter episode, my stand is unequivocally mentioned above. Please reread.
    please stop badgering me.