Jan Gan Man Ki Baat Episode 55: Triple Talaq and Job Losses

In episode 55 of Jan Gan Man Ki Baat, Vinod Dua discusses the practice of triple talaq and job losses in Narendra Modi’s term as prime minister.

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  • kujur bachchan

    I wonder how many of us know anything at all about the teachings of the Koran; the origin of the prevailing religious practices; the legality and/or illegality of the so-called triple talaq or any other such supposedly outdated and harmful practices. I am pretty sure that majority of us non-Muslim Indians have formed our opinion on the issue of Triple talaq by watching 24X7 fake news channels; on the basis of our office/nukkad gossips and; through frivolous chats on social media, which mainly consist of poking holes in every Muslim practice. I am also not comfortable with this sudden outpouring and sympathy for Mulsim Indian women by diverse Hindutva outfits and their armchair sympathisers over the issue of the practice of so-called Triple talaq. It reeks of sinister political opportunism.

    Nevertheless if Indian Muslim women consider the practice of Triple talaq odious, demeaning to women and harmful to family life, immediate reformative action is called for.