What We Are and What We’re Not. The Wire @ 2

The Wire went live on May 11, 2015 with no money but tonnes of goodwill. Two years on, we have raised some money but are counting on that goodwill to help go to the next level.

In a world of commercialised media and declining editorial standards, The Wire was launched in the belief that a not-for-profit model would be the best guarantee of of our editorial independence.

Two years on, we publish in both English and Hindi, and are looking to expand into other Indian languages. We are constantly increasing the resources devoted to news gathering and reportage. And are looking to expand our multimedia output too. All of this requires the financial support of readers and well-wishers.

You can donate to us online via Instamojo. If you prefer cheques, please make yours payable to the Foundation for Independent Journalism and mail it to:

The Wire
13, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Marg (1st floor)
Gole Market, New Delhi 110 001

If you wish to make a bank transfer, please write to [email protected] for details.

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  • Anjan Basu

    It may sound hyperbolic, but I mean every word when I say that The Wire is undoubtedly the best thing to have happened in the Indian media landscape in the last ten years. ‘Not in Anyone’s Pocket’ and ‘Not Afraid’ — these expressions very aptly sum up The Wire’s work ethic. In the post-truth/post-history world of ‘alternate facts’ and rampant editorial skulduggery, a media platform such as The Wire holds its head high as it speaks truth to power, thus passing the ultimate test of professional integrity. Besides, the sheer range of its offerings, and the very high standards that it has set for its work in every area it seeks to cover, places The Wire in a class all its own for now. I convey to The Wire, its outstanding editorial team and everyone else associated with its production and presentation my hear-felt gratitude for the unmixed pleasure of reading the real news they bring to us day in and day out. My best good wishes to The Wire for its work in the years ahead!

    • Ashok Akbar Gonsalves

      Totally agree, and I couldnt have put it any better. Personally speaking, I have now stopped reading/watching/listening to mainstream media and get most of my news from The Wire. The Wire does EXACTLY what the media as one of the pillars of democracy is supposed to do: be ever adversarial to the government of the day, be always questioning (we dont want the media to ever praise the government, even if its doing a good job!) and play the role of a worthy opposition. I shudder to think how misinformed we would have been if not for The Wire!
      Heartiest congratulations to all of you, and keep up the GREAT WORK! Fearless media outlets like yours are truly almost the last bastion of a vibrant democracy.

      • Anjan Basu

        Thank you! — And you could not be more right about what we would have been reduced to but for The Wire (and one or two other honourable exceptions to the general rule) today. The creepy-crawlies of ‘mainstream’ media are swarming all over the place, seeking to hijack common sense, often also to aggressively promote delusional versions of ‘alternate reality’. Like you, I also have had to disengage from most media outlets that I had got into the habit of reading/watching regularly. The Wire’s special merit lies in its exceptionally large repertoire also.

  • Anjan Basu

    Surely, nothing could be better than a sane,level-headed TV set-up that is capable of presenting unvarnished, unadulterated news today. But TV channels involve big money stakes, and it may not be easy for trend-bucking platforms like The Wire to raise that kind of money. Sadly, what is even less likely is for an organisation like The Wire to find a kindred soul in the TRP-ridden TV world. But, like you, I also hope ( and pray) that something like this happens soon. Readers and viewers who are keen to keep abreast of the real world — not the world of make-believe that is served up to us day in and day out by most of the ‘mainstream’ media — deserve a wholesome, reliable news channel.