Watch: How Demonetisation Left This Afghan Family Homeless, Penniless

The moving story behind why a refugee family from Afghanistan has been forced to sleep on the roads of Delhi.

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  • Sabyasachi Mukherjee
  • Mohd Sameer

    It make me feel really sad as the family is going through the worst phase.I believe the journalist who has worked on this news must have their information.
    Video would not be a source to help them so i request the journalist to share the contact number or something to reach these needy people.
    My number is 9971924814 and i will be waiting to get their information through text so that i can reach to them

  • Karthik

    My compliments to your website for showing the plight of an ordinary family from a neighboring country. I wish and hope that the family gets back it’s prosperity, peace and health very soon. This is just one of the cases where the personal liberty of an individual is transgressed by governmental regulations.