An Open Letter from T.M. Krishna to Narendra Modi

Carnatic volcalist T.M. Krishna. Source: YouTube screengrab

Carnatic vocalist T.M. Krishna. Source: YouTube screengrab

Honourable Narendra Modi-ji,

As I penned this piece, I heard of your words at a rally in Bihar, instead of deterring me from writing to you, it has only further strengthened my resolve that this needs to be said.

Over the last week or more we have witnessed what can only be described as the molestation of a human tragedy, the perpetrators of this crime being politicians coloured green, saffron and the various shades of every other colour, all no less sullied. As individuals, party-men, members of the ruling class and the opposition benches they have vulgarised the very soul of compassion and empathy. This is for certain not a new phenomenon and only another sign of who we are, or may be we have always been this way!

But with all due respect Pradhan Mantri-ji what has astonished me is not just your silence, but the spoken and written words with which we citizens have been abused, ridiculed and trivialised for asking for the elected leader of this country to respond. This is not a request from a political outfit, but from people, just normal people belonging to the various parts that make up the sum that is India. Is this really such an unfair request? Don’t we have the right to ask, if not demand that you speak your mind? Why are we being made to feel like offenders only because we want you to say something direct and substantial on something that is for certain of socio-cultural importance? With all due respect, I have the right to not vote for you, yet to want from you, as Prime Minister, a response.

You know what has been agitating the minds of millions of us, Indians – the future of our pluralism. You have stated your position in terms of sabka sath, sabka vikas. And this is quoted and cited on your behalf repeatedly as a mantra.  But, Pradhan Mantriji, this is certainly not adequate. We need to hear you, our prime minister, directly and clearly and with an urgent reference to the context of the present situation, which is nothing less than a tragedy. Over the last few months we have had more than one tragedy. Can we really not see the connections between the so-called stray incidences all over the country, from the murders of Dabholkar Pansare and Kalburgi to that of Mohammad Akhlaq. Your direct voice needs to be heard now, unless you do not consider this an event of significance. And now, the ambiguity of what you said yesterday only makes me send you this appeal for your truthful intervention. This is not the time for platitudes, Pradhan Mantriji, but for a ringing condemnation from you, a kind of condemnation which will leave no one in doubt that the Indian State is not going to tolerate anyone being killed for his views, his faith, his food.

Was the Dadri tragedy not the result of the overt and aggressive imposition of a beef ban by certain state governments with leaders from numerous parties further exploiting the situation? Sir, are you not disturbed – infuriated would be more appropriate – by  the cost we are and will continue to pay for this mindlessness ? Hearing Hindu hardliners bring about counter examples of Hindus being targets of violent crimes, is tiresome. The fact that those are as condemnable and must be stopped cannot be used to make Dadri a small or stray incident. And to accuse the media of over-playing this is downright despicable.

Today many in this country and elsewhere  see you as an American presidential style PM and you too seem to wear that notion with great style. That being so, you must respond like the American President does whenever there is any violence that is connected to race, ethnicity, religion or directly a result of American laws and policy, irrespective of where it took place, who were the targets and number of people affected. The citizens may not agree with him, but at least they hear his thoughts. From you we hear only generalities. The president of India is a symbol and his words guide us in spirit. You Sir, the Prime minister are the ‘reality’ dealing with actual action, reaction, reconciliation, betterment and strength.

You have said so many times that your government is one of difference and a conscious effort of your government has been to erase everything that you see as the evils of the Congress past. Then unlike them, speak, appeal, be forceful and clear those muddled minds. Please don’t play to the electoral gallery. You seem to be doing exactly that.

And Mr. Prime Minister, unlike your immediate predecessor you are not a mute spectator, you love to address and impress. We have heard you from Lal Qila, Madison Square garden, Dubai and Silicon Valley, at the home of Google and Facebook. We have seen you being moved by the memory of the hardships faced by your mother. Words, strong and emotional words come to you easily. So why do we need to shout and scream for a few sentences about a man who was lynched for allegedly consuming beef?

Even after the lynching your senior minister and members of your party are on record making the most inhuman statements. Today the culture minister says you spoke to him. But Modi-ji this is not a private matter between the two of you! This is a matter of and for Indians and we need to hear you condemn your minister. You are fearless and free with your assault on opposition parties; can we please witness the same eloquence when it comes to your ministers and party members?

The RSS and affiliates of the Sangh Parivar are constantly alienating people. Modi-ji you are both the prime minister and the colossus that controls the BJP, therefore you are responsible for both establishments. Not only them, but also for the vulgarities spouted by members of the Sangh Parivar. You are a self-proclaimed proud Svayamsevak and it is clear that the Parivar is indeed a family. Therefore you cannot choose when to celebrate your Sangh identity and when to distance yourself from it. This is double speak.

Your party spokesmen in their own inimitable style have been saying that it is your right to decide whether to speak, where to do so and in what form. They are absolutely correct, but if you don’t feel you need to say something that will shut all these extreme actions that drain the happiness out of people, even a non-believer will seek divine intervention.

This is not about secularism; this is about us being a humane, real and sensitive, a non-accusatory nation. You use social media widely, something you happily flaunted in the presence of Mr. Mark Zuckerberg and hence I am certain you have seen all the vitriolic comments that are swarming Indian cyber space. Don’t you think you need to confront it directly?

Finally Sir, you have said that Hindus and Muslims must decide what they want to fight, each other or poverty. To me this is nothing but another empty slogan because poverty is inextricably connected to religion, caste and class. Unless we face up to these challenges with greater honesty and courage, not just our poverty but our backwardness will remain indeed incurable.

T.M. Krishna
Carnatic vocalist and author

  • Srihari

    I had opportunity to hear the writer’s direct talk on Oct 2, 2015 at Manthan Samvad programme in Hyderabad. With due respect to his talent in music, intelligence and great skills of articulation, I certainly cannot agree with his view point that there is no different between singing about Lord Sriram and shoes. Yes they were the choice of words used by him in the programme while answering a question by a participant. The answer lacks ‘vivek’. Mahatma Gandhi would certainly not have agreed with him. This over enthusiasm in the write-up to bash PM for crimes is in bad taste. In fact it has become fashionable for so-called celebrities to bash PM on some excuse or the other. It is wrong if he speaks, it is wrong if he does not speak. What can he possibly do? More over, law and order is a state subject. it can be no sane person’s case that PM is in support of any religious violence. He is doing what he is supposed to do. Wish these celebrities use their energies and time in constructive work rather than mere criticism of the PM.

    • Tejas Shankar

      I wonder when expressing the truth became a matter of bad taste.
      People like you Mr Srihari are the problem in our country. You refuse to accept the reality and worse, you’re aggressively defensive about what’s going wrong in this country.
      Kudos. With all due respect, keep living in the alternate reality!

      • jagadesh babu

        Bad taste is when you don’t blame the direct stakeholder (state govt) and start badmouthing PM for everything…

        Hypocrisy –> For 2002 riots state govt is blamed…but now central govt is blamed and state govt is spared…

        • ketan

          You seem to have forgotten that for 2002 the Vajpayee government had scolded Modi govt for inaction! Also, the reason many of us want the PM to speak is for two reasons: many leaders in his party (his culture minister, his party’s national executive member and rowdy MLAs of his party from UP) have openly as well as not so openly supported the lynching. So unless the PM speaks out, are we to assume that those who have spoken speak on behalf of the party as well as the PM and that PM supports such lynching? And second reason is that the PM is supposedly tech-savvy. He tweets about Siddhu’s health and bomb blasts in Turkey. If the PM can comment about a bomb blast that happened 8000 km away from Delhi, why can’t he talk about something that happened 60 km from Delhi?!

          • jagadesh babu

            As you mentioned in your comment, In 2002 state govt was blamed not the central govt. Secondly, its better to be silent when people are waiting to criticize what ever you say. Now they say, Modi is not speaking. If he speaks, they will say he is not sacking them. If he sacks, they will again say he is authoritarian not waiting for investigation to be completed. So, the best way is not to spend energy on things which worsen things…

            He might be scolding his ministers in private, just becoz you dont know, it doesn’t mean that he is not doing anything.

            Your comments prove that some people are satisfied with crocodile tears. That’s the reason why our country is in this state….

          • A. Attavar

            The parody here is he has a lot to say to the Indian diaspora abroad, folk who have surrendered their Indian nationalities for western ones, who don’t live, vote or pay taxes in India yet remained silent on a grave injustice to an Indian citizen, who lives, votes, pays taxes in India and above all serves in the Indian Air Force! He didn’t have to publicly berate cretinous individuals within his party but could have announced the unacceptability of such behaviour and warned them of lawful consequences should they fail to not take heed.

        • A. Attavar

          Preposterous reasoning! Isn’t the party members making stupid comments not detrimental to the party and hence government too. As party leader it is duty to reign them in not just in the sense of decency alone but lest their inane remarks be constituted as policy by conspicuous silence!

          • jagadesh babu

            reigning doesn’t necessarily have to be public bashing…Everyone has a different way to handle things. As the saying goes, praise publicly and scold privately..

    • Ratheesh Pisharody

      So what are you trying to say Mr.Srihari? The common man cannot influence, celebrities who have the reach and potential should keep quiet too? By the way let us not forget that Mr.Krishna is an individual and a citizen first much before he is a celebrity. It is only incidental (and for our best) that he has reacted.

    • Babu Daniel

      Lies of the Bhartiya Jublebaaz Party and its Pracharaks
      Bashing Nehru is a fashion for the Feku and his men, who have no knowledge of facts, and bluntly refuse to believe even recently recorded historical events. When in 1945 the UN and in 1946 the UN Security Council were formed, India was not even a sovereign nation. In 1955, when President Roosevelt informally suggested India’s name, China was already a permanent founder member of UNSC and therefore that India gave up its chance to China is utter falsehood. I feel sad that educated Indians are misled by the propagandists, who know they are spreading falsehood; that such who had no role in India’s freedom movement and are now desperately attempting to create a legacy; a fraudulent one.

      ” Prime Minister Nehru has categorically denied any offer, formal or informal, having been received about a seat for India in the UN Security Council. He made this statement in reply to a short notice question in the Lok Sabha on September 27 (1955) by Dr. J.N. Parekh whether India had refused a seat informally offered to her in the Security Council. The Prime Minister said: “There has been no offer, formal or informal, of this kind. Some vague references have appeared in the press about it which have no foundation in fact. The composition of the Security Council is prescribed by the UN Charter, according to which certain specified nations have permanent seats. No change or addition can be made to this without an amendment of the Charter. There is, therefore, no question of a seat being offered and India declining it. Our declared policy is to support the admission of all nations qualified for UN membership.”

      Mr. Srihari? What about attacking the man who died 50 years ago? Modi is our PM now! He must answer now!

      • sk1009

        Given that many hold Mr. Nehru on a high pedestal, it is fair to point out his misjudgments and shortcomings that Indians even today are paying a price for. The whole Kashmir issue was mishandled – either Nehru should have given up the valley and made a deal for Jammu and Ladakh or he should have taken back the whole of Kashmir (per the advice of his generals) and possibly used it for negotiations later. He did neither and we are still paying the price it. Second, both he and his defence minister Mr. Krishna Menon completely failed to recognize the Chinese threat and irresponsibly left the Indian Army unprepared. They ignored the warnings of Mr. Patel and others. And one does feel uncomfortable with his reported relationship with Mrs. Mountbatten – while his personal relationships are his business – one wonders if Mr. Mountbatten used his wife to influence Mr. Nehru. Yes Nehru had many strengths, but he had many fatal weaknesses – and one was to promote himself on the world stage to the detriment of Indian interests. Zhou-en-lai was reported to have remarked that he had not met someone more arrogant than Nehru. While no fan of the former Chinese premier, I consider this a diplomatic failure of Nehru. Whether you like it or not the BJP was elected by the Indian people – caricaturing them may make you feel good but does not contribute to the general level of the debate. And while the BJP may pander to Hindu sentiments that upsets non-Hindus – the Congress and other parties pander to Muslim and Christian sentiments that upsets many Hindus and strengthens support for Hindu organizations.

        • A. Attavar

          You fail to comprehend the full picture when you state Nehru should have done this and that like he was beholden with easy simple choices. Firstly, he inherited a situation where the then poverty of newly independent India eclipsed the whole of Africa at the time, he had hostile neighbours on three borders, two famines that occurred soon after independence, plagues like TB, polio and small pox were rife. Against this backdrop he put India on the path to industrialisation, bought about nuclear and space research, had damn building program, started the IIT and All India Medical institutes, amongst other things. With all this issues and the highest IMF borrowings his premiership left India with a national increases in income 42%, food production of 46% and industrial production of 94%.

          Lets examine the shortcomings you mention. There is no way Pakistan would accept a deal that divided Kashmir as on the principle of their inception, believe Kashmir being predominantly Muslim should have gone to them. Secondly once the UN intervened he could not take back the whole of Kashmir as that would violate UN accords, something an impoverished and newly independent country could ill afford to do especially if it wanted favour of its institutions such as the IMF. (I have read Sam Manekshaws memoirs and on this incident as Nehru’s chief of Staff he hasn’t proffered such advice as taking back the whole of Kashmir and neither have I seen any historical evidence of such advice from any other Generals too. I would be happy if you can quote any historical references that allude as such). If the UN was allowed to carry out the process of a vote, Kashmir would have gone to Pakistan. Hence I believe it was great brinkmanship by Nehru to offer a plebiscite knowing its democratic principle would appeal to the UN, but by insisting Pakistan withdraw from the LOC, knowing if it unlikely did so it left Kashmir back in Indian hands and if it didn’t as expected it still stopped the UN from carrying it out. Knowing Pakistan’s hostile intentions Kashmir even the just the valley couldn’t be allowed in their hands as a whole host of issues such as water distribution etc come into play.

          As for your dissertation on the possibility of Mountbatten influencing Nehru via his wife….on what sense could that have been? he only arrived in India to see the handover and ensure the already decided partition went smoothly. He was favourable towards Nehru and India and described Jinnah as a psychopath and lamented the welfare of a nation in his hands. It was also Mountbatten who used the British army in India overseeing the transition to hold off the advancing Pakistani army in Kashmir till India could secure a treaty with the Maharajah of Kashmir acceding Kashmir to India and then giving time for India to proceed towards the LOC and defend its newly acquired territory.

          As for the Chinese, they always remain largely unpredictable and their attack wasn’t a failure by Nehru in policy more a wake-up call to their dubiousness. Nehru for the above reasons in my opening paragraph wasn’t at liberty to develop India’s armed forces for an unpredicted expectancy of a Chinese attack and were just suitably developed to counter a expected Pakistani affront. As international statesmen go Zou en Lai was never on par with Nehru and was never lauded internationally as Nehru was. Many newly formed Asian and African countries and factions like the ANC looked toward Nehru for inspiration and advice and was described in the west as the most arresting figure on the political world stage since the Stalin/Roosevelt era. No one thought of Zou en Lai in those terms.

          • jagadesh babu

            Now i understand why congress was in power for so long and the country is in this state 🙁

          • A. Attavar

            I note your understanding doesn’t go beyond contesting the points I made and providing historical fact that might do so!

  • forsanity

    Thank you, Mr. TM Krishna for speaking out.

  • Subhash Mittal

    Thank you Krishnaji, for putting words to our thoughts.

  • anandashtekar

    This is a masterpiece letter by a peace loving compassionate citizen and voter’s letter to the head of state.It is true mere appeal to public not to pay heed to political statements is not enough.PM has not clarified his mind,heart and beliefs in an election campaign.May be it is a election ‘jumla’ as usual.

  • Subhash Mittal

    Thanks Krishnaji for putting words to our thoughts.

  • S.Thiyagarajan

    My request for TMK is that you start a movement, along with Nayantara Saghal and Ashok Vajpaye, to resettleand rehabilitate the Kashmiri Pandits in their own motherland. If you care to remember, they have been driven out of their homes by untold violence by fanatics under threat of rape and mayhem. The previous UPA govt. under whose nose it all happened, refused to even recognise theire plight. They lived outside Delhi in makeshift tents even in the harsh winter and the UPA govt. termed them IDs,internally displaced persons. It is the best way to prove your secular credentials, of youor self and that of Indira Gandhi’s first cousin. When you can feel so much for one family, definitely you can feel the pain of thousands of KP families. Please star today itself.

    • Babu Daniel

      Mr. Thyagarajan, How about the thousands of Kourava’s killed by the Pandavas? Would you first take up their cause before you talk about the KP families? Please start now!

    • Karthik G

      Dear Mr. Thiyagarajan, are you justifying the killing? If so, please say so explicitly. Do not hide behind the plight of Kashmiri Pandits. Yes, the plight of Kashmiri pandits is definitely a tragedy but its not a reason for being inhuman. Any truly religious person, would not do this!!! Its not about religion or politics, its not about Indira Gandhi or Modi, its just about being sane, being humane. I am a Hindu, and I am proud to be one and my religion doesnt ask me to be a murderer. What about yours?

  • Mani Siva

    Happy to see people speak out before we turn India into a Hindu ISIS state.

    • Gautham J

      Can you clarify what is “Hindu ISIS”? Can you name a single Hindu organization that has supported the mob violence in Dadri? Btw, Did you know that the reverse happens as well, and that too frequently? Check http://indiafacts.co.in/muslim-mobs-go-rampage-usti-west-bengal/

      It is nobody’s case that one wrong will right another. Also, mob violence SHOULD never be tolerated in a civilized society.

      However, where were you and all other “concerned” citizens when Hindus were being dealt a raw deal in a systematic and scaled fashion? If you cannot answer that question truthfully, then better keep quiet.

    • apu589

      Hindu ISIS? Really? Why does it not happen in rest of the country? Why only in UP?

  • Bunty

    One of the best real word written by you sir regarding current situation of the Nation

  • Abhi

    the wire is too much afraid to post my views on their false propaganda of accusing Narender Modi and Hindu community

  • My thoughts expressed in just and strong words.
    Is the PM listening, or busy scheduling his next trip?

    • apu589

      Your thoughts are good but the PM’s foreign trips have led to India pipping China in FDI(Foreign Direct Investment) rankings. In other words he’s creating more jobs. Markets were dead when he arrived and now it’s abuzz with investments. And the PM is not responsible for every crime. The state govt. has a duty too. This Dadri incident seems pre-planned. Talking about the bans they were already there beforehand but away from media glare. Vyapam scam started in the 1990s when Congress was in power. Don’t fall for this media propaganda because media is owned by Congress kith and kin.

      • Mat

        India pipping China might have more to do with china market crashing. It needs to be sustained and tempered with what are we need to pay now and in future generations for the investment. china has one the most polluted environments in the world, its a price to pay. development should be balanced with what we leave for future generations. I don’t see any transparency from the government.

        • apu589

          Talking about transparency, do you know you can open a business in Gujarat without visiting a Police Station? Everything can be done online. You clearly don’t want the pollution that may be caused by factories. For that to succeed we should have a 2-child policy and everything will fall to place. We have to begin first from “Make in India” firsrt then make the required transition so that we may not end up like China or Brazil. But we have to begin sometime.

  • Smax

    Of course every one has a right to demand our prime minister to speak, even people like you who have not voted to him in the elections but could still not digest that he is our prime minister. India would have been in a different shape, if only people would have started at least this kind of questioning from 10 years back. Where were you then ? No, I am serious, where were you, we missed you so much, you just did hide yourself and thought everything was fine in India back then. Dadri may be horrendous, no argument, criminals must be punished, law should take its course. lets leave it at it period. you seem to be an intelligent with fair argument, but tell me , in a country where Cows are treated as God, (i know, you don’t like it, that’s a different argument) why slaughter them ? lets start with this discussion first, again, i remind you, i am not pro Dadri, don’t confuse people. Cow slaughtering is against law in India, do you know that? May be not, that’s fine. What is wrong with you people, whose side are you all on, I was a guy like you, questioning secularism and all that. Come on, man, its not cool anymore, it eats me up from inside, i can’t take it any more, i am out of confusion now, i will respect my country values and tradition and i will make an attempt to understand my religion. You only could put a meaning ful question about some thing, if you try and make an effort to understand it. Wow, this article is by a guy named Krishna and he doesn’t understand Krishna!!

  • jagadesh babu

    The problem with many is that they want hear “TALK” rather than actions…With all due respect, TMK is no exception. It would be wise to talk about something if you have full knowledge. Another option is to put a disclaimer…Unfortunately, none of the options were exercised…

    Speaking with half knowledge is more dangerous especially when respectable people do it and MORE IMPORTANTLY confuse things with humanity…

  • jagadesh babu

    Sometimes being silent is the best thing to do…especially when you know there are people ready to tweak whatever you say…

    This has been the wisdom passed on to us by our previous generations. Pity that not everyone understands this. Instead start blaming selective people…

  • jagadesh babu

    This is what is happening in India now…


  • Tejas Shankar

    THANK YOU for being our voice. Literally!
    It’s high time we stopped feeling unsafe in this country. Especially from fellow citizens who condemn and disrespect you for expressing the truth or living your life.
    Certainly looks like evolution is taking a backseat in our country. And I see no hope anytime soon!

    • Gautham J

      May I know why you suddenly feel “unsafe” in this country?

      • Ratheesh Pisharody

        You are kidding right?

        • Gautham J

          No. I am not.

      • Sunil Agarwal

        Dear Gautam,

        Feeling unsafe is not a sudden feeling though I am not talking about the author. I have witnessed the gradual Ghetoisation of UP over the last 30 years and believe me it is not a good sight.

    • Ratheesh Pisharody

      Yes, I think Mr.Krishna has put it in the most polite, yet firm form possible. I do see from some of the comments that this fact has infuriated a few but that is acceptable; if we all had to agree always it would be unnatural. Mr. Tejas, on your point of evolution taking a backseat, if I may try to instil some hope, I can try.

      Not entirely true is the short answer. Yes, we have (as a country and citizens) made good and bad choices. But we have always made amends at a macro level and in long term. I posed this question to a social scientist once. Asked him “Sir, would we go the way Germany once went?”. His answer was “We end up doing that in short bursts but we are too mature a civilization to fall into that trap.” I came back from that conversation with the belief that the leaders, thinkers, writers and the best of our society will steer it in the right direction eventually before we go over the cliff.

      There are small but significant efforts in offline groups today in cities, suburbs and villages which will help us achieve that as a community

  • Indian_Mind

    thank u sir for not blaming our state govt led by SP for not maintaining law and order..Jai mulayam and akhilesh

  • apu589

    If he shares his feelings he’s an opportunist, if he doesn’t he’s heartless. Nobody seems to blame the state govt. which controls law and order. Why does it always happen in UP and not in other state with sizeable minority population. People who comment or write a letter from the comfort of their homes have never been to ground zero. I am an atheist and I say that Narendra Modi is the most secular politician among the lawmakers right now. People and media jump to wrong conclusions even if the Supreme Court says otherwise.

    • Sunil Agarwal

      I don’t think we have any secular politician since we ourselves are not secular. If we vote on caste, religion, region and all sort of stupid criteria how can we expect any politician to be genuinely secular. How would he market for our votea then?

      • apu589

        We are solely responsible for everything with being intolerant to being the littering machine. But Narendra Modi pitches his development agenda in rallies while Laluji calls out to his caste people. Even Kejriwal wears a skull cap that annoys my friends who follow Islam.

  • nikhilsheth

    Thanks for sharing this. Clearly this article has ruffled some chickens’ feathers, we can see them clucking away wildly in the comments. Many of them have very clearly not bothered to actually read your letter.

  • rainmaker

    I think most people miss the point. There are some states in India that have as far as they can remember eaten cows meat with no associated guilt and some have not.
    The Sunday Beef Curry was a social ritual the rest of the days being primarily fish and some vegetables that came from outside. It all depended on local realities. Now, when I had to go to Gujarat I had to forgo meat come back and I had to get my familiar food of fish and meat back on the plate.
    That is what made me, makes me.
    Some North Indian who did not and does not know his India suddenly wakes up to the fact that someone else is committing sacrilege in another part of the country that has nothing at all to do with him except an administrative arrangement of unity for common good and tries to impose his social practices as being the only right one.
    That depreciates everything my forefathers ever practiced and clubs them with ignorant savages.
    Now, that is too much for anyone to stomach.
    Here, I am staking claim to social harmony and standards that can almost match up to what we acknowledge as an ideal for most informed societies to try and achieve. Now, I am told no you cannot eat that because we do not eat that. How silly does that sound.
    It is not that I eat beef everyday oft times its is my fast food replacing the rice and all those little bowls of not so fresh vegetables that I get served in restaurants. It is a substitute for that drowse inducing rice plate. It just makes a wholesome filling meal that the masala dosa can never be.
    People who can have a chappathi and a chilli tucked behind the ear or a dal and roti and get working are not me.
    My very essence is different my taste buds and my sense of smell, my associations with home and hearth all different.
    Who the hell wants too make me a stranger in my home?

  • Mat

    You totally miss the point the author was trying to make. It has nothing to do with religion or caste or anything. It also doesn’t have any finger pointing to fix the blame. For a PM who is supposedly articulate, he should be upfront condemning incidents such as this and assuaging the common man that he is safe and secure irrespective of his religion, caste and the new watch word “diet”. Get it???????

    • Indie Boy

      Previous week, a muslim father killed his daughter for not wearing veil. Just that media didnt make a cry bcos it does not fit their agenda. PM is supposed to condemn that also? If he does it, media will keep definign agenda and you need a full time minister to keep condemning. Home minister already had responded. Got it??

  • NJ

    One year back this Vikas guy went around calling names on the then sitting PM. In his sing song way went on slogan shouting. He like a kid who got his passport for the first time is going around and says first time in 60 years a PM is landing on that soil, what a show man, what an emotional drama, his mother washed Vessels And he had to tell that in US to the FB auidance, I think it is high time we give his Dada Sahib Palke award for his showmanship. Now he is in India because of elections. beef suddenly became a bad food item. Tomorrow he will tell his people to demolish Mosques and Churches. Can’t this nation not put him in place. We had Christmas washed as Vajpayees birthday and this year teachers day celebrations got advanced because it coincided with Janmastami. How long will he tell stories , enact high pitched drama. This is the first PM who is getting abused for his challuness. Hope this party gets a drubbing like it got in Delhi else our nation is going to see anarchy.

  • Raghunathan T.E.

    Please stop giving sound bites to ALL the parties who are spreading fear, hatred & negativism.

    Stop condemning Modi, RSS for every failure. The useless state government is to be blamed first rather than expecting Modi to come and stop every wrong happening in such a vast country. He is not a superman. Though he is doing much better job than any of our earlier PMs by focusing on the core activities such as nation building, improving our image abroad to woo investors etc.

    Remember there is not even a stray incident of religious tension in Gujarat since 2002 which is proof enough of his “sabka vikas” motto. So please have the magnanimity of giving him credit for that.

    Whilst I do repent for the death of a Muslim uncle & condemn the people who killed him but it doesn’t mean that I keep on talking only about that. Rather I would force the law and order to do it’s job which seems to have missed some key points in it’s report to the central government.

  • Fahima Ameen

    I can’t understand how the Indian Govt is the 5th largest exporter of Beef. Why if u kill for money it’s Ok. Why not Ban Beef totally. Why is India also top exporter of Leather bags shoes which is made of Cow hide.. ban it all. I don’t eat beef by the way.so it’s easier for me.

    • woodpecker

      There is a difference between,cow meat and beef. USA uses the term beef for both cow and buffalo meat. While what India exports is buffalo meat.

      One major opportunity this govt has to get,the legal definition of beef and cow meat right and pass the legislature defining it. That will sort out the pity politics being played in the name of beef and cow meat.

    • Indie Boy

      There are economics of cow (desi breeds. I do not care about jersey cows) in farming, medicines etc. Pls study “subhash palekar zero budget farming”, gobar gas, medicinal products based on cow.
      Other questions about leather bag and so on, I am with you. Few more questions ..while cow is sacred, it should not be let on the road eating plastic and dying from the toxin.

  • Sujad Syed

    I salute u Mr. Krishna. It’s Hindus like u who have to protect the minorities & our India from Hindutva, as the govt is throwing us in the trash bin!

  • S.Thiyagarajan

    Mr.Karthik, Nobody glorify the Dadri incidsent. I categorially condemn it. But I strongly feel that one stray incident has been blown out of proportion by the Electronic media and a mountain has been created which is really an ant hill. First understand that UP is ruled not by BJP and the culprits have not been identified so far, which job is that of the State Govt. So why put the blame on some outfit or other and start bombarding BJP and Mr.Modi as though they have done that. In Karnataka also, BJP is not ruling. Whoever killed Kalburgi should be found out by the state govt. and guilty punished. why blame BJP without any basis or proof? If you have got any proof that a particular person or an outfit has done that, please share it. I only say, why these so called VVIPs are selective in their outrage. If thousands of Hindus are affected, they keep their mouth shut but when one stray incident of local killing, they awaken from their slumber and start blaming, without any proof. They think that Hindu life is not worth defending. These are all pseudosecularists. One person has started the return of SA award and many others are following suit. As for Mr. Daniel, KP problem is a contemporary one and they are suffering even today. Let us not talk about Mahabaratha war or Crusades in which millions were killed. Not relevent analogy.

  • vieta shroff oliver

    I salute you T.M Krishna sir, for this lucid and compassionate letter which matches my sentiments exactly. I am concerned that India’s secular democracy is quickly becoming the Hindu Republic of India ruled over by Non Hindu intolerance and draconian laws in existence. Hinduism has always been the most open and tolerant religion, are these actions then not a violence against true Hindus?