If Modi Government Has Its Way, Even Cows Will Have an Aadhaar Number

In a report to the apex court on cow protection, the Centre has suggested that each cow and its progeny should get a ‘Unique Identification Number’.

The Centre in its report to the Supreme Court on Monday suggested that “Each cow and its progeny across India should get a Unique Identification Number for tracking,” ANI reported.

The Modi government’s suggestion to the apex court was part of a report on cow protection and smuggling of cattle across the India-Bangladesh border. According to a Scroll.in report, the idea behind this recommendation was given by a committee led by the joint secretary of the home ministry.

Besides suggesting schemes aimed at improving the conditions of farmers in distress, the government also recommended special care for cattle beyond the age of milking.

In its report, the government has also decided that the responsibility of ensuring the care and safety of abandoned animals fell on the state.

“Each district should have a shelter home of capacity of at least 500 abandoned animals. Will help reduce smuggling,” the report said.

(With ANI inputs)

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