After Attack on Kashmiri Students in Rajasthan, Rajnath Singh Asks States to Ensure Security

A group of Kashmiri students in Chitorgarh's Mewar University were allegedly called terrorists and beaten up by locals.

New Delhi: After Kashmiri students were targeted in Rajasthan, Union home minister Rajnath Singh has asked states to ensure the safety of Kashmiris across the country.

A group of Kashmiri students in Chitorgarh’s Mewar University were allegedly called terrorists and beaten up by locals, Hindustan Times reported. “Six of us were assaulted in three separate attacks that took place at the same time in the market. The attacks seemed coordinated,” said Bahar Ahmed Giri, a student of pharmacy, told the newspaper. “They hurled abuses, called us terrorists and said we throw stones at the army. They told us to go back to Kashmir and threatened that they won’t let us study here.”

Students expressed dismay that the college administration failed to protect them. The police and the university downplayed the incident, saying it was a “scuffle” between the students and “outsiders”.

In Uttar Pradesh, billboards were seen in Meerut calling for a boycott of Kashmiris and asking people from the Valley to go back. Head of the Uttar Pradesh Nav Nirman Sena Amit Jani, who has claimed responsibility for the billboards, says he gives Kashmiri’s till April 30 to leave. The billboard was also seen outside the Shubharti Medical College, where several Kashmiri students are enrolled.

Home minister Rajnath Singh today asked all states to ensure the safety of Kashmiris living in different parts of the country.

Condemning the alleged incidents of harassment of Kashmiris, the home minister said they are like any other Indian and an advisory is being sent by the home ministry to all the states to ensure the safety and security of people from the Valley.

“I have come to know that there were a few incidents of misbehaviour towards Kashmiris in some places. I appeal to all chief ministers to ensure security of Kashmiris,” he told reporters here.

(With PTI inputs)

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