‘Jan Ki Baat’: Modi’s Promises, Mamata Banerjee’s Autocratic Rule, Episode 17

In the seventeenth episode of Jan Ki Baat, Vinod Dua reminds Narendra Modi of his yet to be fulfilled promises and discusses Mamata Banerjee’s autocratic decisions in West Bengal.

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  • Abir Dey

    Sir, with due respect, please come to Bengal and live for some time. Please do not make sweeping judgement sitting in Delhi. You will understand why Bengal CM thought about such a bill in the first place. Every other day, either ruling party student union TMCP or SFI or DYFI or ABVP these days, disrupt the classroom proceedings and block the room of Principals or Professors or Vice-Chancellors. And there are violent clashes between them. These unruly students created (and actively supported by local party members in the region) such an environment that it become very difficult for a normal student to pursue study.
    This is not new. This has been going on and on for last 13 years, at least since my first hand experience from college days I know of and now experienced by my cousins. It is such a frustrating thing that these union leaders forcefully stop the class and force students to participate in their rally, god knows whatever their agenda is, every other day. It is ok to debate and ask question to the authority and make them accountable; but the manner these protests are held and makes a disruption every other day that you will feel sometime to get rid of these fellows. All in the name of protest!
    It is debatable whether such law will prevent these clashes between unions and if it is autocratic. But it is high time that Chief Minister should take some very strict action for these unruly students.