Watch: Sarah Aunty’s Embroidery Shop – The Last Jews Of Kochi

The touching relationship between one of the last Jewish residents of Kochi and her Muslim caretaker.

Sarah Cohen’s Hand Embroidery is a world famous store selling Jewish specialty items in ‘Jew Town’, Mattancherry in Kerala. The 95-year-old, affectionately called Sarah Aunty is one of the last remaining members of the Cochin Jews (also known as Malabar Jews) in the city. Her caretaker, Thaha Ibrahim, fondly remembers the glory days of Jew Town, when both sides of the street were home to members of the Jewish community.

This post originally appeared on 101India.
  • Funny Cat

    Beautiful.. I am so emotional when I see a Muslim taking care of a Jew.. this is truly love for another human being which transcends borders, religious feelings.

    This is humanity without the four walls that religion and hatred imprisons human beings throughout the world.

    My love and respect goes to Taha Ibrahim for the love he shows to Sarah Aunty.