Listen: Is the Narendra Modi-led BJP sweeping Uttar Pradesh?

Join The Wire’s M.K. Venu and Ajoy Ashirwad for a discussion on the Uttar Pradesh elections.

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  • KS

    While I agree you are entitled to form any opinion on win-ability, as it is mostly like blind men touching elephant to describe it, it will be good if it is done without bias and objectively as a journalist. As a common man, my bias is that we have tested and seen the performances of SP & BSP. Since their scorecards are very sub par, with family rules, no visible development programs, hooliganism and so on, it would be a good idea to try BJP as a new untested candidate. Three reasoning for this – one the other BJP ruled states are being governed well even if not spectacular, two greater cohesion with the Center and the last, in the worst event of they too not performing, it wouldn’t have made a difference!

    With the above bias, I see the situation in UP as an uprising for the BJP. Already there have been some informal poll indicators that have hinted the wind in favor of BJP. I think the wind has only strengthened into a kind of hurricane as polls progressed. So I see BJP romping home with an absolute majority with around 250 seats. Lets see who is more correct on 11 March.