Watch: M.K.Venu and Govindraj Ethiraj Discuss 2017 Budget

M.K. Venu, founding editor of The Wire, in a discussion with journalist Govindraj Ethiraj on the nuances of this year’s Budget.

  • S.N.Iyer

    Re. political funding, the proposals do not really make it transparent. The proposal has limited cash donations upto Rs 2000 person but those who want to give more yet have scope to get round this limit. The FinMIn has also suggested that donations can be made by cheques/digitally with NO LIMIT. The scheme of electoral bonds is only a way for large donations but it is yet opaque. But the basic issue is that such recommendations should not be part of the Finance BIll like what this Govt did in the last an amendment to FCRA as part of a money Bill. The actual amendments are required in the Representation Peoples Act as recommended by the Election Commission otherwise these proposals are VOID