• Rajneesh Chauhan

    If this is the situation at the basic min. disbursement – All we were dreaming about other social security benefits like Free Medical & other facilities for the elderly is a distant reality of another 10-15 years may be. When the state & central governments cannot even ensure the pension of even Rs. 2000 Per eligible elderly – How are other benefits ever possible ? At least all Senior citizens ie elderly living in poor economic conditions should get a basic minimum pension set as a standard & as per the Current living standards considering all factors for at least a basic minimum survival guarantee. Is it so difficult to achieve ? We think there is both a lack of Will and a lack of intentions too as nobody in the political & government circles love the elderly of the country. At least facts indicate a total disrespect and lack of will to help. Aadhar & Jan dhan is a good start & execution and implementation at the last root level should be a priority.