Don’t Discriminate Against Foreign Students, Says Rajnath Singh

Pune: Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh today assured foreign students studying in India that he would help to resolve all their visa problems and appealed to Indian youths not to discriminate against those who come from abroad for education.

Addressing a Teachers Day function at Symbiosis International University here, Singh said the Home Ministry, which handles visa issues, will resolve the problems of the foreign students.

“I want to assure you that all your problems will be resolved within a month,” he said in response to a complaint by a student from South Sudan.

The student said that they face lots of difficulties while registering themselves with the Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) in different cities.

The South Sudanese student also complained that students from outside the country, especially Africa, often face discrimination.

Responding to the complaint, Rajnath Singh said he was surprised to know about this and appealed to Indians  to consider every foreign student as their “brothers” and ensure they were not discriminated against.

“From this platform, I want to appeal to all Indian students in Pune as well as in other parts of the country not to discriminate anyone and consider every one as brother. It is very unfortunate if any such incident takes place in our country,” he said.

African students in India say they are subjected to verbal abuse and discrimination and sometimes even violence. Last week, the Association of African Students in India reported on its Facebook page the case of an Ivorian student who was hospitalised in Bangalore after being beaten by a mob:

My dear African students brothers and sisters!!

bangalore student

Our brother from ivory coast was beaten by an Indian mob till he was hospitalised at hospital !! We are going to investigate this matter and report it to indian authority .

Thank you
Mr mahamadou moctar Doucoure
State Leader of Aasi bangalore .

In 2014, Yannick Nihangaza, the student from Burundi who was subjected to a vicious beating by racist thugs in Punjab in 2012, finally succumbed to his injuries and died.

(With inputs from PTI)

  • The Disturbed One

    I feel sorry for foreign students from Africa, who have come to study in a country which is highly racist towards people of African origin.
    Even highly educated professionals I know and interact with have disgusted me with their attitude towards people of African origin.
    If there is absolutely no other choice than to study in India, students from Africa must really take care of themselves, perhaps in the same way that women in India take precautions to keep themselves safe from their own fellow male citizens.