Modi Plays Anti-Muslim Card at Bihar Rally to Woo Dalits, OBCs

“Nobody will be allowed to take away your reservation and give it to any other community in pursuit of their vote bank politics,” the Prime Minister told OBCs and Dalits at an election rally on Monday

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing an election rally in Buxar on Monday. Credit: PTI

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing an election rally in Buxar on Monday. Credit: PTI

Buxar (Bihar): Openly pitting the dalit and ‘backward class’ voters of Bihar against the state’s Muslims, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday accused the grand coalition led by Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad of plotting to reduce quotas for SCs, STs and OBCs by five per cent in order to benefit “a particular community”.

Modi’s decision to generate resentment against Muslims in this manner appears to be his way of deflecting the Mahagathbandhan’s charge that the BJP is looking for ways to end reservations. Citing an interview the RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat gave last month in which he called for a debate on the system of affirmative action, Lalu has sought to paint an apocalyptic picture of what might happen to the OBCs and dalits in the event that the Bharatiya Janata Party-led NDA wins the ongoing assembly elections in Bihar.

“The leaders of this ‘Mahaswarth’ (opportunistic) alliance are trying to mislead the people on the issue of reservation … It is clear through the discussion of our constitution makers that reservation cannot be given on the basis of religion. The Supreme Court has said reservation cannot be more than 50%. There is a cap,” Modi said at an election rally in Buxar.

“These leaders are making a devious plan. They are conspiring to take away five per cent reservation of dalits, mahadalits, backwards and extremely backwards and give it to a particular community,” he alleged. “I come from an extremely backward class and understand the pain of having been born to a poor woman. I will not allow this to happen. I pledge to protect the rights of dalits, mahadalits and backwards,” he said.

Calling this a sinful plan (‘paap ki yojana‘), Modi said: “Nobody will be allowed to take away your reservation and give it to any other community in pursuit of their vote bank politics.”

If the anti-BJP alliance is voted to power ‘Jungle raj’ will return and crimes like kidnappings and atrocities on women will rise, he warned.

Modi also attacked Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and RJD chief Lalu Prasad for not acting against the corrupt and cited recent examples where their MLAs and candidates were allegedly found taking bribe and “fixing deals”.

Attacking leaders of the grand alliance, he said a JD(U) MLA and a candidate of Lalu Prasad’s RJD had been caught red-handed taking bribe, but no action was taken against them.

“I want to ask these people, why are they silent on the issue of corruption after they were caught on camera taking bribe. Even before the polls, they are selling away Bihar and striking deals.

“Should Bihar be handed over to those who are out to sell it? Should Bihar be given to them? Should those who engage in corruption and protect the corrupt be allowed to form a government in Bihar?” he asked.

Hitting out at RJD chief Lalu Prasad, he said, “For them taking money is no big thing.”

Taking a dig at Nitish Kumar for his promise of providing computers to the youth, Modi wondered how the machines will work in the absence of electricity.

Moreover, he said the computers have contracted the “Lalu virus” resulting in “lawlessness”, with crimes like atrocities on women and kidnappings on the rise.

“Your (Nitish’s) computers have ‘Lalu virus’ which is venting out ‘Jungle raj’, crime, atrocities on women and kindappings. That is why Bihar’s youth do not want this Lalu virus-hit computers as they do not want lawlessness and crime to rise,” he said.

Modi claimed the large crowds at NDA rallies have left the grand alliance worried and its leaders were now trying to “defame” him and taking to ‘mantra’ and ‘tantra’ (occultism).

“You tell me, Bihar needs ‘mantra, tantra’ or ‘Loktantra’ (democracy). Will this 18th century thought benefit Bihar? Do people of Bihar need ‘tabeez’ (amulets)? Bihar’s youth needs employment and progress,” he said.

Modi claimed while NDA’s goal was to take Bihar to greater heights by ushering in development, his rivals were only interested in defaming him.

“Their path is to defame Modi, while ours is to initiate development and take Bihar to greater heights. The decision has to be yours, Friends,” he said.

He also questioned JD(U) and RJD for opposing the Women’s reservation bill in Parliament and asked Sonia Gandhi as to why she was aligning with such leaders.

The Prime Minister demanded that Lalu and Nitish give an account of what they have done in the state in the last 25 years. “If they can’t give an account of the 25 years of their rule in Bihar, should not they be punished for this?” he asked.

In fact, for at least eight of those years, the BJP was part of the ruling establishment in Bihar.

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  • Toady Modi

    Modi can’t make his mind whether he should promote development or communal hate.

    • justice

      I think by this speech Modi shows that how much level he hate 20 crores Indians. Nobody expect from PM of a nation. development ka mukhauta lag a kar communalism karke hamara desh kabi aage nahi badhega. This is very shameful.

    • SSG

      Read my comment earlier. Citizens of this country need to be smart. Trust me. Indirectly this anti Muslim comment has come as part of a strategy which doesnt necessarily mean Modi is so called Anti-Muslim. If that was the case then there wudnt had been a 10 year peace in Gujarat after 2002 riots. Muslim’s problem is their political exploitation. Stop being a vote bank, exploitation stops. But even today, muslims vote on basis of communal thoughtprocess. Then a party on other side will obviously play its card. But tell me, who is the sufferer? Obviously the Muslim of India.

      Muslims of India need Development. So called secular parties have given Muslims of India53% Below Poverty Line people. Whats the problem is trusting Modi completely for atleast 5 years? Lets give him 100% chance.

      You see, just coz Modi denied 5% quota to muslims doesnt mean anything. Matter of fact, even other parties will never be able to provide that 5% since its ruled out by Supreme Court. And why? Because our Constitution writers say so. Not Moi, Not Sonia, Not Laloo or Nitish.

      Lets not get into issues which are nonfuturistic and useless.

      • rajendra babu

        Development cannot and should not be at the cost of instability in the country.Unless all sections of the country are at peace development has no meaning. Only the selfish capitalist, business brokers etc are in a hurry to siphon the exchequer, and loot the country in the name of development.

  • Oldfox

    Say whatever this man can seldom change his spots. He is again speaking like a sangh karyakarta,and not as the PM of the country by pitting Muslims against others while also using the words tabeez, quite obvious this too shall be associated with Muslims. I wished he change,but if only wishes had wings…… These are the cries of desperate man and i fear to think to what extent can he go if he doesn’t get his way.

    • Futura Logic

      Oldfox is worse than senile old men 😉

    • SSG

      Dont infer anything out of this political game brother. Understand some ground facts. Modi needs Rajya Sabha majority to infuse his reform agenda which is the most important factor for success of this country and hence Modi, where these same opposition tried to halt in name of petty issues. You yourself compare the bills halted in Rajyasabha against the issues raised by the Opposition in monsoon session. Be your judge.

      After 2 phases of Bihar Election, it was clear that Yadavs and Muslims are unanimously voting for Grand Alliance just to defeat Modi. Now being a rational person, you tell me what should Modi do to win this election? Answer is, get maximum Backward class votes. Now its not Modi’s fault that Biharis dont understand basic facts of Development. They prefer voting on caste basis rather than development (Specifically Muslims). Dont get me wrong, but if Muslims after decades of exploitation to being them to at par with BPL people, still vote likes of Laaloo Yadav, then dont be shocked if games are played with them.

      Muslims still have grudge against Modi, especially UP and Bihar. So accordingly Modi, being a politician changes his strategy.

      It simply doesnt mean some party is pro muslim or anti muslim. Till date its proved that every party is pro-self. Where it work their way, they go. Otherwise, muslims wouldnt had been in the most pathetic condition what they are today under the so called secular parties. They are secular only for Muslim votes. Thats it. thats their end.

      What I suggest is, Muslims should stop looking for Parties which call themsleves their flag bearer. Muslims should be neutral. Vote as per pattern. The day parties find balanced approach of muslims against any specific tilt, they will nomore be the vote luring machine for the political parties. Once you are out of the so called political equation, your exploitation will end. Today a muslim is killed just to play politicas and hence the vote bank equation. IF u are no equation, no politicas and hence no exploitation. Hope I made some sense here. Thanks.

      • irfan

        Muslim vote is not much which can make lalu or nitish win election. This is irrelevant statement by RSS modi. He will win by himself, there is no need to make such statement.

        • GPR FIX

          Meaning if Nitish/Lalu win, they will because majority of the Hindus voted for them. RSS/BJP needs to understand this and learn its lessons from it.

  • HKD

    How is it commmunal! Its Muslims who want to have their cake and eat it. On one hand they boast about not having caste and then they seek quota based on caste.

  • mrankitanks .

    Pathetic. Shameless.


    Well said.


    BJP is least interested in Bihar’s development, not that Congress was any better. But the biggest harm to Bihar was done by BJP when it cut off the mineral rich areas of Bihar and made Jharkhand out of it during the first NDA regime of Bajpayee.
    When Jharkhand was part of Bihar, BIhar contribution to the national economy was more than any other state as BIhar alone produced more than 50% of national mineral and coal output. Yet Bihar hardly benefited from it as all these mines and steel plants were/are owned by center. So BIhar hardly got any benefit from it while all other states who received central govt, funding benefited from it.

    Now Jharkhand, a separate state, contributes upto 10% of the GDP of the whole nation. Jharkhand has been ruled by BJP off and on, yet income of the people have staid the same as it was when it was part of Bihar.

    Central govt has looted Bihar from 1947 to 2000, and now it is looting Jharkhand. This is the fact. Stop blaming Bihar.

  • rajendra babu

    He should follow the footsteps of his own leader Mr.Vajpayeeji. He advised as head of country or state you should carry every citizen along and keep party politics away from CM’s and PM’s post. In fact Mr.Vajpayeeji as PM wanted to sack him after Gujrat riots but was prevailed upon by Advaniji and other senior leaders. Now they created a Frankinstan who has become a threat to them

  • rajendra babu

    Friend to get majority you can’t use hook or crook methods. You need to win using ethics ,scruples and moral fibre. No doubt people like you break laws of the land to achieve your goals and create lawless society.

  • rajendra babu

    Anything that goes up with high velocity will have to come down with same speed. So rise and fall will be at equal speed